Engagement Pics....

I think I forgot I had a blog for awhile there....5 months to be exact.

In fact I couldn't remember my password, or even how to manage it when I tried to log in this morning. 

Christmas has came and went.  As well as vacations, birthdays, special occasions on and on.

BUT I"M BACK.... I'm not sure as to what extent.  But I'll try and catch up a little on the important events that I have missed blogging about.  

The number one event is that I'm engaged!  Yep, that's right.  Engaged to be married this July 13th, 2013.  Mr. Brayden and I will be married up at Snowbasin.  The scene of our very first date (wink wink).  We had our engagement pics taken a couple nights ago, so I thought I'd share a few.  

Thanks to my good friend and fellow photog Melissa Green for taking our engagement pics.... we love them!! 



Tis the Season.....

 Here is our FIRST official family Christmas Card with Honey B, myself and the 4evermyboys.  

I of course left off the boys names and such.  But sometimes I think it's funny that I continue to do that.  I'm sure if someone really wanted to find out my children's names from looking at my wouldn't be all that hard to figure them out.

Oh well....  Just typing out loud.


We wish you all out in blogland a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Can I have one of these.....

Oh. My. Goodness.

Take a look at this red-headed, blue-eyed, squeashy, gorgeous little girl!

Miss K.....  


DisneyWorld 2012....

(*Note* This is my first ever attempt at video editing.... Lol It was kinda a pain.  But I'll totally try it again in the future.  Also I need to clarify...YES...Bug does have his own bed.  CeCe just kicks him out of it sometimes.  CeCe prefers to sleep with his brothers, rather than in his own bed, in his own room.  Go Figure....)

WE woke up Camo and Bug Wednesday morning (October 24th) with a surprise trip to DisneyWorld!!!!

We have been planning this trip for a over month.  

It was kept under Top Secret....until the morning we left for the airport.  

We couldn't wait to wake them up and see their reaction :) :)

 (Here's the obligatory kiss pic ...get used to it)

(Always Miss Competitive.....but I did BEAT him this particular ride)




Oh my goodness..... We had soooooo much fun!  Luckily enough we missed Hurricane Sandy.  

Florida was fortunate enough to get passed by.  

My prayers go out to all the people in the northeast that have been devastated by that storm :( :(

Anyway..... Lots of rides, lots of walking, and a whole lot of FUN :)




Proud to be.....

....his Granddaughter.

The Standard-Examiner ran an article in the Sunday paper....highlighting the Military life of my Grandpa.

Check it out here!!!!

It's BEYOND amazing the life that this man has lead............. 




DisneyWorld, Miss Michelle, and Halloween.....

The Fam and I (minus the two older Stinky Peets) braved the elements and luckily missed Hurricane Sandy while we visited DisneyWorld last week and weekend.  Another post to come on this super fun trip :)


I decided to lift my photography embargo and do family pics for my amazing friend Michelle and her beautiful family.  I honestly love her and her kids....  Michelle and I have way too much in commom with our lives.  And rightfully so....we've become super close this last year.  Here are a couple sneak peaks of her family pics.

Meet a couple Zombies and....

Meet the Flintstones....... Fred and WILMA!!!!!!!!!

Meet the GreenMan ??? aka my little bro Tee Tee.....

Meet my Biker Chick Mom (with a FAKE cigarette FYI !!), and my "Conglomerate" Father?  

(I'm not sure what he was trying to be....many things in one??)




Mountain Bike Racing.....

I truly love that I'm blogging about a Mountain Bike Race versus a Motorcross Race....

How exciting that my Kelto is participating in a newly minted mountain bike league for Utah High School kids....  This league (in my opinion, is way overdue).  

Check out it's website for more info....Utah High School Cycling League.

Kelto had his final race yesterday up at Soldier Hollow.  I think he did amazing.  

I hate to say it, but I will anyway.

It was a welcome relief to watch a mountain bike race, over yet another soccer game.

 Me, Honey B and Chase-A-Rama all went up to support Kelto.  I can't wait till next year when he is racing Varsity.


Pre-Race.....waiting to line up.

Ooooohhhhh Kelto.....  Just take a picture with your mom.  It won't kill you.

Right off the start line.

Lap 2 of a 3 lap course....

Finish Line.....


Good Job buddy....  I love to watch those long legs of yours move up the mountain..... lol :)


I love my FAMILY!!!

I think I need to clarify that no, I have NOT remarried.....(yet).  No, these are not Engagement pics.....

and NO I'm neither engaged or anything else otherwise :)

(I've been hit up with some wonderings from my blog viewers)

But I will say I'm extremely happy.  I've met an amazing man.  I'm in a 100% committed relationship with him (and I have been for pretty much the last two years, with just a few hiccups along the way)

I only was able to start posting his picture on my blog starting last summer....  

It's not that I didn't want to.  It's just legally I was advised not to.  

So now (finally) you all get the pleasure of seeing the Man Behind the Curtain.

But back to the marriage thing..... For now Honey B and I are just living our lives.  Content with how things are progressing.  It's been a long road to get to where we are today.  So marriage or not....we're HAPPY!

And that's good enough for me and good enough for him (for now).

BUT I promise I'll let my blog know if I ever become engaged and/or married ever again.  


That's why I'm keeping my mouth shut.

But my Honey B knows I'll be his forever and always.  He is apart of this family, wedding ring or not.  He is an amazing father to my boys.  And I'm surprised everyday how much happier the boys and I are with him apart of our lives.  

Anyway.... Here's a couple more of our Fall Family Pics :)


Sneak Peek sealed with a Kiss....

Can you tell I'm happy.... ?

Because I am!! It's been a long time coming.

I'll post more family pics when I get a chance :)

Thanks go out to my good friend and fellow photog Miss Brittney Hale.  

Check out her blog.....she does awesome work!!  

Give her a call if you need your family pictures done.  I'm taking a small hiatus.

School...My Boys....My Man....Myself....and My New Life....are all that I'm concentrating on for awhile.



Halloween Bunko....

Bunko was at my house this month....

Halloween Bunko is always the best!


Look at Tonya.....aka....Pimp Daddy!!! 

She of course won Best Costume of the Night (two years running).

Tonya sure knows how to bring it!!! 

Here's me (the Indian Princess as I like to be called) trying to figure out how to fit 12 girls in a picture frame.  

My house isn't the most suitable.  

But think the pics turned out just fine :)


I watched it Begin Again.....


What's Past is Past.....


(I love this song)


September Recap.....

Whoa whoa whoa....September has come and gone?? 

Time sure does fly when you're having fun :)

I'm finally getting back to my old self....  

One way I can tell is that I bottled salsa this year with my madre....

52 pints..  Good Times..

This pic is gonna make my dad squirm in front of his Apple lap-top....LOL....sorry Dad.  

But I just had to throw it up on my blog.  

Here's me and my Honey B at the Hurricane house, messing around with my camera :)

Camo and I love to go and support B at his softball games.... :)



Flowers from Honey B and 4evermyboys....

Geez, what a lucky girl I am!



 Oh and here's a little sneak peak from our latest family pics.....:) :) 

I can't wait to see the rest.






My life seems crazy right now.  BUT a good kind of CRAZY :)

Here is but a small sampling of our August....which doesn't include CeCe's birthday and/or Camo's Baptism.










Me and my Honey B bought ourselves new Kayaks....  SOooooo much fun.  

The fishing I can do without....everybody knows I can't catch a fish to save my life.  

Instead I took my insanely expensive camera out on the lake.  Who does that ???  



I love my new garden/planter boxes that Mr. B built for me earlier this spring.  I've never had such a well producing garden at this house....ever.

Plus my parents and I had the back breaking job a filling the residual garden with rock.  

Holy cow....between laying down black plastic....and hauling the rock from the front of the house to the garden..... It was quite a job.  





It's Great to be 8.....

I'm sooooo stinkin proud of my Camo for making the decision to get baptized over the weekend.  

I wish I would've of gotten more pics of the momentus day.... But such is life.

I'm also "over the moon" with pride that my oldest son could baptize my youngest son.....

That's just plain awesomeness right there folks :)  Momma is proud of her Kelto.....

Crazy that things don't always turn out how one anticipates or hopes....  

Last Saturday was a Comedy of Errors, from being told the wrong Stake Center, to Camo getting a bloody nose on route to the baptism (yes there was blood all over his white clothes), then to almost having to cancel the pool party afterwards because the pool cover wasn't working (shocker).  

But in the end we made it the correct stake center, my sis-in-law had a clorox wipe that cleaned Camo all up before the baptism, and the pool cover people came and saved the day (300$ dollars....blah) and got the cover working.

What a special day that was for my Camo.  I'm thankful for all the family and friends that could come and celebrate this happy day with us.

Oh and look and me, Camo and my handsome man Brayden (Aka Big B).  More on him later  (wink wink)

:) :) :) :) :)




Thirteen going on Thirty....

Happy Birthday to my CeCe..... The Big "13"!!!

I officially have 2 teenagers in the house now.  Heaven Help Me!