It's a Goalie Thing....

Bugman and I dig Hope Solo.... 

Watching the USA Women's Soccer Team play, is my favorite thing about this years Olympics.

If only I could play goalie like my mind I do....but my 37 year old body completely disagrees ;) Blah.


Also..... In less than 2 weeks this handsome, sweet, funny, silly and perfectly perfect kid is getting baptized.  

Man I love him......



La Roca Pioneer Cup 2012

My CeCe's U13 Boys Soccer team took this years Pioneer Cup Championship.... YAY!!!

This tourney was also CeCe's debut back into the soccer world after his MX accident barely 8 weeks ago.  He did great, even starting every game.  Maybe a little out of shape, but overall I was super proud of my boy.

Also my Camo's La Roca team competed.... Playing up a year even.  

Cam did awesome!!  In fact one game he had a "Hat Trick".... Good Job Buddy!

I was lucky enough to get a pic of 1 of his 3 goals that particular game :)






Double Rainbow....

I hurried and grabbed my camera, ran out in the rain, and quickly took a pic of this awesome

double rainbow tonight.

Bummer my lens got wet in the process....can you see the streaks, cause I can ;(



And we wait.....















The lyrical side of me.....

There are times when music....specifically the lyrics to a certain song maybe....that explain and define a persons existence at that moment.

Their Past, Present and more importantly their Future.

"I don't need you....anymore"..............


BTW....Today Sucked Ass...."12 Hours in Hell" will it forever be known as :(


Staying Busy....

I've tried to keep myself busy the last few weeks or so.... I'm ALWAYS doing laundry, yard work, or dealing with my stupid ace pool in the summer.  

But this year I'm trying to enjoy myself....


I went to the Women's U.S. National Soccer game.....USA vs. Canada....pure awesomeness! 

We'll see them again at the Olympics.


I went with my Mom to a Green Smoothie Girl seminar in Sandy last weekend.  

Oh how I love my Green Smoothies....



I went to dinner at Taggarts.... I've never been, always wanted to go.



Of course I couldn't miss this movie....


I had a pool party with my friendlies.....


I helped the boys with a Lemonade Stand....






Learning, Living, Believing, and Trusting....

"I am still so naive; I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please don't ask me who I am.  A passionate, fragmentary girl, maybe?" ---Sylvia Plath

"I'm starting to sing my song, right or wrong"



"If you had the chance to change your fate, would ya"



This happens at my house all the time....


(And Yes....I do it too)



Dirty Dashing It....

The fam and I ran this years Dirty Dash.  It was alot of Muddy Fun....

I think I still may have residual mud in crevices of my body that I may not know about....just saying :)

{Pre Race}

{I'm somewhere in the middle of that Muddy Mess}

{Tee Tee looks like a G.I. Joe}

{My hair is literally stuck to Camo's}

 Next year if we decide to race the Dirty Dash again....  I think I'll just follow my boys around the course with my camera and a Go Pro attached to my head.  

I'm good with not getting muddy again.... But getting pics of my boys racing would be a riot.



That Kid is a minor miracle.  He's already fighting with his brothers.  Swimming. Kinda playing a little soccer.  All at my protest of course.  But honestly....his recovery has been slightly amazing.  

Lovely Greenish Bruise on CeCe's chest.  He took one hell of a hit.....big sigh.




I was looking for a Breath of Life....

{Love this song}

{Good Stuff}


There just comes a point....

....when I wonder if I can truly handle anymore.

And then I say to myself, "Yes Carly" there is.  This thing called "Life" that we are all living.  It isn't easy.  God gives us trials and tribulations on a DAILY BASIS.  Big, small, long in suffering, or maybe even short in length.

I don't know what to even type.  I feel so lost...numb right now.  

But then I sit back.  I really take in the whole situation.  I look at my life.  I mean I TRULY look at my life.  And I see that I (along with my 4 boys) are extremely blessed.  More blessed than I could ever imagine my life being.  And that thought brings me peace.

So anyway yesterday pretty much sucked.  In fact the last week or so pretty sucked it up as well.

Here's the story....  My CeCe came to me Tuesday night and showed me his grades on his portal.  He had all A's and one B.  I was super impressed and proud of him.  So he asked if he could miss school and go to the MX track the next day (Wednesday) with his dad.  I told him yes....  I hate that he misses school.  But I figured school was out on Friday anyway so what's the harm?

So to speed the story up.... I recieved a phone call around 9:30 a.m. telling me my CeCe had broke his collarbone.  Of course I freaked out.  I was beyond worried and upset.  But I calmed myself.  I thought ok Carly.... It's just a broke collarbone.  Kelto just broke his 4 weeks ago.  And Kelto is healing great. Everything will be fine.

So I drove to the hospital (BTW I HATE THE HOSPITAL!!!!!!!).  When I first came upon CeCe I soon realized it was way more than a broken collarbone.  He looked like HELL....

I also soon learned that I wasn't truly informed as to what had really happened.  Because I'm a freak-out and it was probably for the best.

So heres the gist of the story.  CeCe attempted his first triple jump at the MX Track.  He over shot it.  I mean he really OVER shot it.  He endowed off his bike and was completely KNOCKED OUT!!!  He completely laid himself out.  He sustained a hit that would've put me in the hospital for a week.

Here is the list of his injuries....

-Knocked out

-Broken Right Collarbone 

-5 broken Ribs

-Broken Back (T4 Vertebrae fracture)

-impact on Jaw (mouth semi-swollen shut)

-Contusions on both Lungs

-Contusion on right Kidney and Adrenal Gland

-mulitple contusions, cuts, scrapes and tire marks upon his body.

He was just about admitted to the hospital to be monitored over night.  But I insisted I could take care of him at home.  That's where I shine....taking care of my boys.  I knew what to watch for if anything were to change or happen.  The doctor agreed and CeCe was lucky enough to not have a hospital stay.

Now can I just say that I was in shock.  Can I also just say that CeCe is an extremely amazing kid.  He is beyond the toughest boy his age I know.  The ER doctor and Ortho doctor we're beyond amazed at his resilience.  In fact we didn't even know until 2 hours after the accident that he had such extensive injuries.  The collarbone was honestly the only worry....

And can I also say it wasn't until we got home that afternoon did he even take his first pain med.

SOooooo here he is layed up for most of the summer.  He's missing soccer try-outs, the Dirty Dash, soccer regionals in Phoenix (mid June), and playing Intramural Football and Football camps.

Lots of movies will be watched, and too much xbox will be played.

But I'm honestly BEYOND grateful that CeCe is still walking.  I'm grateful he will heal and be 100% normal.  I'm grateful for the power of the Priesthood and the blessing my older brother Ash gave to him.  I'm thankful for my parents, family, friends, and everyone else for their prayers and offers of help.  We have such an amazing support system.  

I can't thank everyone enough.

The pic above is of CeCe blowing up a balloon to keep his lung function up.  Since his lungs were bruised there was a worry of him developing pneumonia.  So he's been getting up periodically slowly walking around, and blowing up balloons here and there throughout the day...

And just so it's made known again....

YES YES YES I Hate Motocross!