Good Stuff....

This could be a perfect wedding song (wink wink).  Or a song I could dedicate to my boys.  Because I promise I will never give up on them....ever.  I promise to always be the one constant in their lives.  

Anyway lot's of reasons as to why I love this :) :)  

It's because this is Good Stuff.....

"I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make"


and exhale....


I've been patchy in my yoga participation over the years.  But it's now becoming my new love.  Of course it won't take over my passion for soccer, but it may come close.  

It's amazing for my back, incredible for stress release, and soothing to my battered soul.

I wish I was on a beach right now....  


I think I have a knack....or two.

By the way Happy 2012....  New Year's this year Christmas....bittersweet.  

Anyway if you're one of my close aquaintances, friends or maybe even family, you know I have 2 odd qualities.  

1# Once I know your birthday, I never forget.  So suffice it to say I know alot of peoples birthdays.  

2#  I always seem to read books that eventually turn into movies.  That may not sound all that cool, but hear me out.  I read these obscure books when they're VERY first released.  They're not on any "1# Best Seller" list yet. They're just books that peak my attention and I decide to read them.  Then they get popular.  Then they become movie bound.  My "book made into movie" percentage is around 80%.

I hopped on the internet tonight and laughed at what I saw.

Random post....YES....but a post none the less.


Not sure I should admit this or not.....but what the heck.

I went to a movie by myself tonight.  I always wondered what it would be like.  But Guess What?  It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.... Of course walking into the theater by myself was a little intimidating.  Sitting down in a dark theater, without anybody's hand to hold felt wierd.  But I did it....  

I think next week I'll try going to dinner by myself as well.   

Listen.... I didn't just decide to go to a movie by myself lightly.  I honestly just really wanted to see one movie in particular.  "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" to be exact..... I've been dying to see it since I knew an American version of it was coming to the big screen.  I read the trilogy and loved, ABSOLUTLEY loved the whole story. 

Now before you go out and decide to watch this movie be WARNED.  It's not for the faint of heart.  It's very graphic.  It's violent, and a bit disturbing.  All of which I love....  Weird I know.  But none the less.....

I couldn't just pack up my 4 boys and bring them along.  I don't really have any friends that are into such things.... So I went by myself, and it was good stuff let me tell ya.....  

Anyway.  I don't want everybody out in blogland feeling sorry for me. Or thinking that I don't have a life or something, or maybe that I'm even alone, or whatever.  I've actually got more going on lately than I prefer.....

So Yah.... I saw a cool show tonight.  



11 in 2011....Happy Birthday Bug!!

Another Christmas has come and gone.  And as always then comes my Bugman's December Birthday.  

Christmas this year was bittersweet.  Not having the kiddos on Christmas morning sucked rocks....:(  I woke up by myself, to an empty house.  Patiently waiting till they finally arrived at 9:30 a.m.  My house was clean.  The breakfast was in the oven cooking.  Santa had made quite a spread for them to behold.....  But yet I waited.  

I'm used to getting up at 6:00 a.m. to the pitter patter of my 4 boy's footsteps on Christmas morning. Dragging me out of bed.....  But this was NOT my year to have that happen.  

Welcome to my new NORM...

Yesterday I spent all day taking down the tree, all decorations, any piece of Christmas could no longer be found in my house.  All except this years Christmas Cards from friends and family.  BTW.... I still may send out my own family Christmas Cards, I'm just a tad bit slow this year.  Sorry, my bad.

ANYWAY>>>>Happy Birthday to my Bugman.  Man I love that kid.  We did all the usual Birthday festivites. Balloons, Cake, Ice Cream and Presents.  This year we played boardgames (with Nannie April and Papa Dave) until it came time to hit the movie theater.  Tomorrow is the friend party at Get Air....

Happy Day to you Mr. Bug :)


I attempted to be a baker again.  And since my Buggy loves Snowmen, I tried to oblige him with a "Snowman Cake".


It's my birthday....and I'll cry if I want to....

 Her feelings she hides

Her dreams she can't find

She's losing her mind

She's falling behind

She can't find her place

 She's losing her faith

She's falling from grace

She's all over the place

(Lyrics from Avril Lavigne Nobodies Home) 

I haven't posted for exactly 2 months. Some of my reasoning is.....

1.  Because I needed a break.

2.  Because I've been down...sad.

3.  Because getting a divorce sucks, like really really really sucks.  Like I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

4.  Because dating after a 18 year marriage is beyond difficult.... 

I could go on and on and on but I won't.  I don't usually post anything this personal.  But today, since I'm now offically 37 years old, I honestly don't care.  

Anyway.....  Yes to all my blog readers out there (if I still have any) I'm getting a divorce (most of you knew anyway).  And I can finally say I'm HAPPY about it.... I need it to be done.  I'm super duper excited to see what the second half of my life has to offer.  I would like to thank all the amazing people that surround me.  And when I say amazing.  I truly mean that.  I've never felt more loved in my entire life.  I didn't know or realize what wonderful people were apart my life, until everything went downhill.  Also I have met so so so so many incredible people along the way as well....

Anyway I've vomitted enough about my life tonight. Maybe in the future I'll feel comfortable enough to share more...

Soooooo Happy Birthday to me because....  

-Yay it snowed!

-Yay I had a fab b-day lunch!  

-Yay I went bowling and to dinner with my Fam.  

-Yay I played an awesome game of soccer!  

-Yay I sliced my finger open (more like filleted it open) which resulted in a trip to the doc along with a tetnanus shot!  

-Yay I got the cutest purse and boots from Buckle!!!

-Yay I got a Minky Blanket!!

-Yay Yay Yay...  

Also.....I wasn't going to do family pictures this year.  I just couldn't pull myself together enough to get them done....  But at the last minute, on a 25 degree day a couple weeks ago, I managed to get the boys and myself together and have them taken.

I love my boys.  They are my life.  They are, by far and away, the best thing I've ever done....



P.S. My spell check isn't working.  blah....sorry for any typos :)


Sometimes you just have to.....



Let Go.....

-FYI I seriously love love love this band.

-The lead singer (Doug Brown) has the most beautiful eyes....gush gush.

-and Letting Go is the story of my life.


Goodbye Steve....

I grew up in a Apple family..... A strictly Apple family I might add.... My dad saw the wisdom, sophistication and pure awesomeness of the Apple name, brand and it's technology from the very beginning. 

Yes this was our first computer.... The Apple ll.  

My dad works as an STS for Davis County School District.  Which basically means he's the main "computer dude" for 3 different schools.  He knows his shiz when it comes to anything computer.  How lucky am I to have him as a dad? :) :)  

Over the years I laugh at how often my dad mentions that he can't stand anything Microsoft....anything PC.  

"The world would be such a better place Carly if everybody just owned a Mac"....

I tried MANY times during my adult years to convert over to Apple.  Well I'll say it better....I was already converted....I just wasn't able to convert "other people" that were directly around me. So hence I didn't own my first Mac until almost 4 years ago.  Geez how sad is that....?  What a glorious day that was when I drove down (with my Daddy) to buy my first Mac.  

My 17 inch MacBook Pro to be exact.  

Along with my laptop I have a desktop, owned several iphones, numerous ipods and even an ipad.  

Geez Mr. Jobs you obviously knew what you were doing.....

Goodbye Steve....thanks for everything :)


My Fall/Xterra Week....

When my boys were younger I use to dread the coming of Fall....  Because inevitably that meant that soon it would be cold outside, and they'd be cooped up all winter....inside....alone with just me.  (I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it)  

But alas I no longer have babies.  Big sigh of relief.....

Now I can't believe what I was missing out on.  Fall time in Utah is wonderful.....absolutely beautiful :)

Last week was lot's of fun.  I went on my weekly hike with my mom and Miss Layla on the Shoreline Trail.  

Also my boys and I (plus a few of our friends) competed in the Xterra Trailrun.  

Kelto and CeCe ran the 10k and did awesome.  They both placed top 3 in their age divisions.  

Bug and Camo ran the 5k with me, and they kicked butt, they both took 2nd place in their age divisions.

I just love those boys....  They continually amaze me :)

Miss Natalie, Miss H and myself ran the 5k.....and we finished....with big smiles on our faces.  

Thanks to the Bastian and Bell guys rocked it.  We loved hanging out with all you guys :)



SO today I journeyed on up to Ogden Valley to check out this years Xterra.... Super fun.  

And YES I got to see Mr. Lance Armstrong.  (3 different fact)

An no I really didn't get a good pic of him.  Why might you asked? Cause I lost the keys to my Denali, locked myself out, with my camera inside....  Honestly who does that?  


Geez..... It's a wonder I even know who I am half the time.

Anyway, enough about me.  Here's a pic of me and Miss Natalie Marie, along with a posterior view of Mr. Armstrong.  

He's the dude bending over....

(shamelessly stolen from Nat's FB page)

BTW Does it count that Nat took these pictures with my old camera that I sold to her a few years ago?  Yah I think it does.... 

P.S. Miss Natty, Miss Natty's daughter Miss H, my CeCe , my Kelto and myself are competing in tomorrows Xterra Trail run.  Wish us luck, or at least wish me luck.  Pretty sure Kelto and CeCe could lap me if they so desired.

P.P.S.  Miss H won her own battle with cancer back when she was only 5 years old.  

Seeing Mr. Armstrong was an inspiration to her.



Dancing and Motocrossing....

Big sigh..... My Kelto went to his high schools Homecoming dance this year.  What does that even mean?  I thought that kid had little to no interest in the female persuasion.  

Geeeezz girls are nothing but T-R-O-U-B-L-E you know.  Yes Yes Yes they are.... I am one, so I know.  

Anyway.... The dance was the same day as Tee Tee and Em's wedding.  So suffice it to say it was a busy, busy, busy day.

Kelto and Miss M....

See I told you she was a redhead....  Which means extra trouble.  

The crazy thing is....she and I get along great.  Plus she is an amazingly beautiful girl in and out.  Also Miss M is on the high school drill team which means she is an incredible dancer (Fremont High School Silver-line).  Obviously I could go on and on about her.... *Remember I have only boys*


Chase and Kelto looking good....

Plus today I went and watched my Kelto do what he does best....  Riding Motocross....


Good Day for a White Wedding....


Congratulations to my little bro Tee Tee (Taylor) and his beautiful wife Em (Emily).  

September weddings are hard for me.  Actually any wedding in particular, is hard for me.....

But with that being said.....  After photographing the ceremony, witnessing the love that was shared between Tee Tee and Em.....I'll gave me hope :)

(Hopefully more wedding pics to come)


And the answer is.....



So my Kelto is going to Fremont High School's Homecoming Dance.  Whoa!  

And....NO....he's not 16, but I'm not too worried about age issues like that.  He's going with a group of his best friends.  I'm pretty good with group dates and dances until he eventually turns 16.

I'm hoping he doesn't get on my blog and see this....he would probably be bugged.  But how could I not post something like this?  I mean really....

He asked his date with a bunch of bouncy balls, with the question being.....      

"I'd bounce off the wall's if you'd go to the Homecoming Dance with me".....

She answered with

"Out of all the flowers in the world, you picked me" and left the word "YES"{outlined in flowers} on our front lawn last night.

I felt like I was in High School all over again via my Kelto..... Of course he thought I was the biggest dork in the entire world.  It also didn't help that his date and I we're texting each other all night working out the logistics of her answering him.

BTW.....I failed to mention that Kelto's Homecoming Date is a REDHEAD.  Geez that kid has good taste :)



Yearly Yumminess....

Today I finally was able to make my secret "Fresh La Roca Salsa".  I think I ate a whole gallon of it myself before lunch.  Ahhhhhhh it is pure heaven to the taste buds.

I remember in my old ward from 10-15 years ago, durning an Enrichment Night, it was asked to all the ladies what their favorite type of food was.  Some answered with "Chinese, Mexican, Greek" etc etc.....

I responded that my favorite food was "Summer Vegetables".  

Without a doubt I love home grown, preferably organic garden veggies....  Every August I have my fill on all the bounty that a summer garden has to offer.  So much so that as I type this post I'm having a bit of a burping attack.  But that my a good thing.

Today not only did I make my fresh La Roca Salsa.....but I made Peaches and Cream (with Coconut Milk NO dairy).....Cucumbers, Onions and Vinegar, along with daily shucked Sweet Corn.

I just love this time of year.  Its puts a smile on my face and brings happiness to my tummy :) :) :)

P.S. Canning (salsa, whole tomatoes, jam) with Miss Natalie after Labor Day.  We are both super duper excited to get back to our old selves :) :) :)


Back to school....2011

 Ok.... I love my boys.  I love being able to stay home with them.  That is an amazingly huge blessing....  BUT can I just say....that....I'm soooo glad school has finally started. 

The constant fighting, constant messy house, constant hearing of the word "mom, mom, mommy, ma ma, mom, mom, mooooooommmm......  I'm kinda over it.

This summer has been ACTION packed.  It also has been the hardest that I can remember, in terms of the boys getting along with each other.  They all need (including me) a schedule....

So this year I have a.....

-Sophomore in High school....whoa!!

-7th grader

-5th grader

-2nd grader

I also have to give a shout out to my BUGMAN.  His SWAT soccer team took 1st place in last weeks Strikers Tournament.  Along with that, I couldn't be prouder that he tested out to be in Weber County's 5th grade PAL (gifted and talented) program this year.  Out of the whole district he is one of 16 5th graders to be in the PAL class.  Which is conveniently held at our own elementary school.....score!!!  We met BOTH of his teachers last night, and Bug is so excited to be in such a awesome learning environment.  

Ohhh look how cute my little Cam-man is....  He's growing up so stinkin fast ;)

CeCe was a little nervous for his first day of junior high.  LOL.....  I wasn't though.  That kid will be just fine.  I helped chaperone the back to school stomp last week, and all I can say, he has NOTHING to worry about.

CeCe is different than Kelto was at this same age....  Remember CeCe is alot like me.  He digs his friends, he likes to get involved in school activities, he's Mr. Personality etc....

Kelto was a little slower..... In fact CeCe and Kelto are about the same now.  Except there is a 3 year difference.  Kelto has finally started to noticed the opposite sex, he's all into his friends, going to school activites etc.

I just want it to be made known to my boys (again)....that GIRLS are nothing but trouble.  Stay away from them as long as possible.  Get through high school, go on a mission, go to college.....then and only then should you start to pay them attention.

Yah right....I know better.  But at least I gave it a try :)


P.S. No pic of Kelto....he rode his roadbike early to school this morning.  He probably wouldn't have let me take a pic of him anyway.