I'm slow posting CeCe's birthday weekend pics....Blah.  It's par for the course for me lately.

Anyway.... I recommend if you've never gone 100% should try it.  I'll admit I was initially under the mindset that I would just hide during the whole thing.  You know, to avoid getting hit.  I have in my memory box of the one other time I went indoor paintballing, getting hit from 5 feet away, and having a horrible, beyond painful bruise for the next 2 weeks.  Getting hit by a paintball doubt about it.  

But for some reason getting hit with a paintball (during outdoor paintballing) didn't seem as bad.

Honestly at first I just wanted to be an observer....with my camera.  I had this vision of me being a field photographer, capturing the battle at hand.  LOL LOL LOL....

Yah right...  And soon as that mask came down, and the referee blew the whistle to go.  My redheadedness, my utter competitive spirit, my stubbornness to win.....all came out like a flood.  

The pics below are at the very end of our super duper paintballing experience.  This course was referred to the upper course.  It had all the steel drums and barricades.  The lower course (not shown) was more like a capture the flag type of course.

CeCe invited his cousin Nate and my bro Ash, his friend Sam and Kaleb and their dad Gary, also his friend Connor. Kelton invited his friend Carl, plus there was Cam, Bug, me and of course Big B who made it all happen.  

I have to give a big, humungous thanks to him....:) :) :)  

I also have to give myself a big pat on the back...for getting Big B out, in order for my team to take one of the wins.  

Yah that was a proud moment....for me  :) :)


P.S.  I swear, Cam was the cutest paintballer EVER.  Watching him try to run with his oversized mask and gun, all the while trying to aim and not get hit was hilarious!!  I just love that kid!


My Summer birthday Boy....

Holy cow....!! What a great weekend my boys and I had.  Paint-balling, the gun range, pool party....

All of it for my CeCe's 12th birthday.  

Happy birthday buddy....mama loves you :) :) :) :)

Hopefully I'll post more b-day pics soon....


Back in Business Baby.....

It's hot outside....right? Wouldn't it be nice to have a pool in your own backyard?  One in which you could walk right outside your own back door and take a little refreshing dip?  

Yah I used to have one in my backyard.  But for the last {almost 2 SUMMER months} I've had a 4 foot deep pond.  LITERALLY>>>>with frogs, leaches and all sorts of pond scum living it.

I couldn't close my pool covers....because there was NO water to bear the weight of the cover.  So hence I had to look at the diarrhea water for the last 6 weeks or so.  

Yah you heard me..... That's right.  My pool looked like an un-flushed toilet. 

It was AWESOME.....{huge amounts of sarcasm}

SOOoo I ordered a new pool liner in June.  The pool people, with all there ultimate optimism, assurance and confidence said to me "Carly you should be up and running by no later than July 4th.....

Famous last words.  I knew that they were feeding a line a crap.  BUT honestly I really had no other choice.

BUT now I'm pleased to announce the finished project.....which was completed August 4th, not July 4th.  I must have misheard them....right?   

I wish I'd gotten a pic of the gross pool water before it was pumped out....but alas I didn't.  

I also thought that I'd share that my boys are pool frog killers.  I think a good 5-8 frogs met their demise at the hands of my boys and their pellet and air-soft guns.  After they murdered the poor frogs....just to add a little spice to their death boys placed leaches on the poor frogs and watched them.....well you know....get the life sucked out of them.  

It was quite amusing to watch them stand at the side of the pool, gun in hand, hunting for pool frogs....  Then they'd take the pool net, scoop out the dead frog, along with a few leaches, which made for lots of summertime fun.

Gross....gross.....and more gross.

In conclusion....  The pool turned out great.  The pool people did an awesome job.  I'm glad to have maybe a months or so worth of use out of my overly expensive backyard attraction....

BTW Pools are nothing but money pits.....



Whoa whoa it August already??? bad.  Apparently I'm not the greatest summertime blogger.

I've just been busy, busy and more busy.  BUT today I was forced to stay in my house.  

To find out why go here.....


Look who's getting married.... it's NOT me.  Geez get your mind out of the gutter....hahahahaha.

It's my little bro Taylor (Tee Tee) and his beautiful Miss Emily....

The big day is 9/10/11....

P.S. I've never shot a wedding before.  I think I'm starting to get a ulcer with just the thought.


Look who's getting baptized....

Miss S.....  

Natalie you should be a proud momma of a absolutely beautiful girl....


Bear Lake + 4th of July = Fun....

Bear Lake is pure awesomeness....  

Good Friends - Good Boys - Good Fun

I'm sorry....but this might sound totally biased....but aren't my BOYS the cutest little things EVER!!!  

Love you guys....

Here's a typical shot of CeCe....  

CeCe the Reptile....

Bugman stuck in the sand....

I can't resist my Camo's toothless smile....

Beach FUN!!!


I took 3 out of my 4 boys up to our Bear Lake house this last weekend... 

Kelto opted to go to Island Park with a friend....  

Too bad....he missed out on the most PERFECT BEAR LAKE WEATHER EVER !!!!

Thanks to all the great friends that joined us as well.  Super amounts of fun was had :) :)

P.S.  Kenny Chesney this Saturday Night.....yah that's right....I'm going!!!


Swimming Pools are only cool to people who don't have one.....

I've been in my house for close to 10 years now.  In the last year I've redone the boys bedrooms, re-tiled and re-painted 2 bathrooms, had my back deck repaired and a repair on my vinyl fence.......blah.

Honestly if I had the time, money and energy I'd re-due a lot more in my home.....but alas that's not gonna happen.  But I happily do my best to maintain it the best I can, and to be quite honest I think I'm doing a pretty good job :) 

Did I just type happily.....yah that's a typo.  

Anyway....I have a pool.  A big butt residential pool.  A pool that sucks all my money and life out of me.  And for what....? Only 3-4 months out of the year we use it.  

So this year I'm completely on my own in opening the pool for the summer.  Cleaning it, trying to figure out what the hell all the bells and whistles in the pool house mean.  Getting the ph, salt, chlorine right. Vacuuming, vacuuming, vacuuming......  Honestly I hate my pool.  

So last year I replaced the pool covers.  I also got a new Hot Tub Cover this year and spent a small fortune on fixing the dang thing.....but yet it stills needs more work.  uuuugggghhhhh!!  

So wouldnt you know it.....NOW the pool liner needs to be replaced.  The pool isn't even holding water. I walked out there one morning and looked at the pool, it's like someone had sucked the life out of it. A five foot drop in the water level....

So all my cleaning, vacuumning, chemical-ing, was for freaking NOT!

SO here it is June 15th....we've used the pool witnessed by the youtube video below.

I ordered a new liner yesterday.  Hopefully we'll be up and running by the 4th of July......

I'm asked all the time if I ever move....if I'd put a pool in again???

NO WAY JOSE, NO, NEVER, NAH...... (ok ok ok maybe if I had a man to take care of it for me).

A Soccer Field, a 1/2 size Basketball Court, a Mini-Bike jump track, and MX track.  

Those I would do waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before a pool. Amen.....

Here's a sample pic of the new pool liner I ordered :)





Layla and Bug: First Swimming Lesson (Sorta)

We wanted to see what Layla would do for her first time in the pool.  

I pulled out my iphone and luckily recorded this little beauty.  

Poor Buggy.... I tried not to laugh too hard when he got out of the pool.  

Cam however....laughed, laughed and laughed some more. It was pretty funny :) anyone else as excited as I am that (at least for one day) it felt like Summer?!

Also this is the first video I've ever downloaded to Youtube, hopefully not my last.

What a fun little thing that Youtube is :)



Happy Birthday to my Kelto....

Ok.....let me preface this post with a little FYI.....

I quite dislike the fact that I have a son that is now 15 years old.  I mean honestly....  

I'm not old enough to have a child that old, who btw is now getting facial hair! 

But apparently I am.....big sigh.

Kelto's birthday was last friday.  He didn't want a party.  Didn't care for a cake.  He just wanted dinner and a movie with the family.  SO I happily obliged. Oh Oh Oh let's not forget I checked him out of school, on his birthday, and took him and his friend Chase to lunch and shopping.  

(Yes I said shopping.....shoe shopping to be exact) :)

NOW as you all may know Kelto is my boy that absolutely hates to have his pic taken.  He thinks of any and every excuse to get out of it.  I have learned to be a little creative in my convincing as of late.

So today was his 9th grade Lagoon day.  He and 2 of his friends needed a ride.  I of course needed a pic.  We compromised.  

Sadly the lighting was terrible, it was raining, Kelto doesn't like to smile, plus he limited my shot count to 20.  

I took what I could get.....this was the best out of the bunch.


 I hate to admit but his birthday is by far the hardest day to deal with out of the 4 boys.  May 20th, 1996 was the day my little family truly began.  It's very difficult to look back on that day.  My how circumstances and people have changed since then.....  

 Celebrating his birthday every year is so many ways. 

Nonetheless.....I love this kid....he deserves nothing but the best.  

Just ask him what he got....from my parents and I....

A Apple iPad.....yah....I don't even have one....geez.

Spoiled is the only word that comes to mind. 

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Kelto....:)




70 Years Married....

On May 6th my Grandparents, Don and Dawn Brimhall, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

Whoa....that is quite an accomplishment!  

Papa Don is going strong at 94 yrs. old, Nana Dawnie is hard to keep up with at 88....


Myself, along with my 2 brothers, were extremely blessed to grow up living right next door to my grandparents.  I honestly don't think I would be the person I am today without their influence and example in my life.  

This is how and what a marriage should look like.  It's overwhelmingly sad (to me) that families and marriages are easily thrown away these days..... 

In their 70 years of marriage they have been blessed with:

- 3 sons

- 8 grandchildren

- 21 great-grandchildren

 They had many, many trials and tribulations, up and downs, good and bad......but ya know what?

They made it.....

That's how it's "suppose" to work.

Anyway....the whole Brimhall Clan joined in celebrating this momentous occasion with my grandparents at Maddox for dinner.  I'm lucky to have the family I have.  I'm blessed..... 


Camo(uflage).....Birthday Party

 Happy Birthday to my Camo, Cam, Cami, Cam-man on and on....  

He's more a Camo than the it's only fitting that I throw him a Camo(uflage) Birthday Party.  I even attempted to make a cake.  LOL....yah I'm not a baker, but I at least gave it a shot.  He loved every part of his party, cake and all.

Thanks to all my family for coming over to celebrate my babies 7th birthday. 

Mama loves you Camo :)




Happy 7th Birthday to my Camo.....!!!!!!

I love this kid.....!!!!


Happy Mommie's Day....

I can identify with the one that says...."I'm ok with looking just like you" :)

Also...."I did go to the principals office way more than you thought I did"....shocker I know.  

{I was a bit of a rebel LOL}

And.....One day I hope my 4 boys will forgive me for my "Draconian room cleaning policy".


Round Two....

Here we go again.  I hope this one can survive more than 3 months.....

Sigh....  I'm still not a dog lover.

P.S.  I seem to name my pets after songs.  

That might be a little odd....but truly....that's a typical me :)

P.S.S.  Layla has red hair and brown eyes.  Doesn't get much better than that....haha