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Thirteen going on Thirty....

Happy Birthday to my CeCe..... The Big "13"!!!

I officially have 2 teenagers in the house now.  Heaven Help Me!


Kelto is the Big 16....

Sixteen years ago this kid made me a Mother, a Mom, a Mama, a Mommy.  

It's hard to believe I have a child this old.... 

His birth (May 20th, 1996 11:30 p.m. Logan, Utah) was the beginning of my life...my future.  

Man I was in love with him....  

His birth was beyond horrible and exhausting.  But we made it through.  

I was only 21 years old.  He was my 9 1/2 lb. baby boy I had worked so hard to bring into the world.

Notice the forcep marks on the sides of his head....  Five different sets were used in hopes of getting him out.

Yah....nothing worked.  Finally I had an emergercy c-section.  It was scary.

He's wearing size one diapers....  What a fat, squishy baby he was....

He never was a true newborn.  He even rolled over at 6 days old....

He had a head full of thick, black hair....


I quickly shuffled through some old pics of Kelto when he was little.  This pic is by far and away my favorite.  I took it back when film was still in use.  This is how I remember my only brown-eyed boy.  

Such a lifetime ago....

Happy Birthday Buddy.  And YES.... I'll take you to the DMV tomorrow morning so you can get your license.

BIG BIG Big Big big big sigh.....




Happy Birthday to My Camo....

Happy Birthday to my May Baby Camo Wamo....

Today we celebrated his 8th birthday....on Mother's Day no less.

As per his request for a birthday cake....I made Strawberry Shortcake.

Not one piece was left over....yummy :)

It was an Avenger theme party....well....let's just say I intended it to be Avenger themed.  

Hulk party is more like it.


Here's a pic of Camo playing with his new golf clubs....  He absolutely loved them!! 

After his b-day party we all headed over to Toads to hit a bucket of balls.

Love this Kid ;) 


11 in 2011....Happy Birthday Bug!!

Another Christmas has come and gone.  And as always then comes my Bugman's December Birthday.  

Christmas this year was bittersweet.  Not having the kiddos on Christmas morning sucked rocks....:(  I woke up by myself, to an empty house.  Patiently waiting till they finally arrived at 9:30 a.m.  My house was clean.  The breakfast was in the oven cooking.  Santa had made quite a spread for them to behold.....  But yet I waited.  

I'm used to getting up at 6:00 a.m. to the pitter patter of my 4 boy's footsteps on Christmas morning. Dragging me out of bed.....  But this was NOT my year to have that happen.  

Welcome to my new NORM...

Yesterday I spent all day taking down the tree, all decorations, any piece of Christmas could no longer be found in my house.  All except this years Christmas Cards from friends and family.  BTW.... I still may send out my own family Christmas Cards, I'm just a tad bit slow this year.  Sorry, my bad.

ANYWAY>>>>Happy Birthday to my Bugman.  Man I love that kid.  We did all the usual Birthday festivites. Balloons, Cake, Ice Cream and Presents.  This year we played boardgames (with Nannie April and Papa Dave) until it came time to hit the movie theater.  Tomorrow is the friend party at Get Air....

Happy Day to you Mr. Bug :)


I attempted to be a baker again.  And since my Buggy loves Snowmen, I tried to oblige him with a "Snowman Cake".


It's my birthday....and I'll cry if I want to....

 Her feelings she hides

Her dreams she can't find

She's losing her mind

She's falling behind

She can't find her place

 She's losing her faith

She's falling from grace

She's all over the place

(Lyrics from Avril Lavigne Nobodies Home) 

I haven't posted for exactly 2 months. Some of my reasoning is.....

1.  Because I needed a break.

2.  Because I've been down...sad.

3.  Because getting a divorce sucks, like really really really sucks.  Like I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

4.  Because dating after a 18 year marriage is beyond difficult.... 

I could go on and on and on but I won't.  I don't usually post anything this personal.  But today, since I'm now offically 37 years old, I honestly don't care.  

Anyway.....  Yes to all my blog readers out there (if I still have any) I'm getting a divorce (most of you knew anyway).  And I can finally say I'm HAPPY about it.... I need it to be done.  I'm super duper excited to see what the second half of my life has to offer.  I would like to thank all the amazing people that surround me.  And when I say amazing.  I truly mean that.  I've never felt more loved in my entire life.  I didn't know or realize what wonderful people were apart my life, until everything went downhill.  Also I have met so so so so many incredible people along the way as well....

Anyway I've vomitted enough about my life tonight. Maybe in the future I'll feel comfortable enough to share more...

Soooooo Happy Birthday to me because....  

-Yay it snowed!

-Yay I had a fab b-day lunch!  

-Yay I went bowling and to dinner with my Fam.  

-Yay I played an awesome game of soccer!  

-Yay I sliced my finger open (more like filleted it open) which resulted in a trip to the doc along with a tetnanus shot!  

-Yay I got the cutest purse and boots from Buckle!!!

-Yay I got a Minky Blanket!!

-Yay Yay Yay...  

Also.....I wasn't going to do family pictures this year.  I just couldn't pull myself together enough to get them done....  But at the last minute, on a 25 degree day a couple weeks ago, I managed to get the boys and myself together and have them taken.

I love my boys.  They are my life.  They are, by far and away, the best thing I've ever done....



P.S. My spell check isn't working.  blah....sorry for any typos :)



I'm slow posting CeCe's birthday weekend pics....Blah.  It's par for the course for me lately.

Anyway.... I recommend if you've never gone paintballing.....you 100% should try it.  I'll admit I was initially under the mindset that I would just hide during the whole thing.  You know, to avoid getting hit.  I have in my memory box of the one other time I went indoor paintballing, getting hit from 5 feet away, and having a horrible, beyond painful bruise for the next 2 weeks.  Getting hit by a paintball hurts.....no doubt about it.  

But for some reason getting hit with a paintball (during outdoor paintballing) didn't seem as bad.

Honestly at first I just wanted to be an observer....with my camera.  I had this vision of me being a field photographer, capturing the battle at hand.  LOL LOL LOL....

Yah right...  And soon as that mask came down, and the referee blew the whistle to go.  My redheadedness, my utter competitive spirit, my stubbornness to win.....all came out like a flood.  

The pics below are at the very end of our super duper paintballing experience.  This course was referred to the upper course.  It had all the steel drums and barricades.  The lower course (not shown) was more like a capture the flag type of course.

CeCe invited his cousin Nate and my bro Ash, his friend Sam and Kaleb and their dad Gary, also his friend Connor. Kelton invited his friend Carl, plus there was Cam, Bug, me and of course Big B who made it all happen.  

I have to give a big, humungous thanks to him....:) :) :)  

I also have to give myself a big pat on the back...for getting Big B out, in order for my team to take one of the wins.  

Yah that was a proud moment....for me  :) :)


P.S.  I swear, Cam was the cutest paintballer EVER.  Watching him try to run with his oversized mask and gun, all the while trying to aim and not get hit was hilarious!!  I just love that kid!


My Summer birthday Boy....

Holy cow....!! What a great weekend my boys and I had.  Paint-balling, the gun range, pool party....

All of it for my CeCe's 12th birthday.  

Happy birthday buddy....mama loves you :) :) :) :)

Hopefully I'll post more b-day pics soon....


Happy Birthday to my Kelto....

Ok.....let me preface this post with a little FYI.....

I quite dislike the fact that I have a son that is now 15 years old.  I mean honestly....  

I'm not old enough to have a child that old, who btw is now getting facial hair! 

But apparently I am.....big sigh.

Kelto's birthday was last friday.  He didn't want a party.  Didn't care for a cake.  He just wanted dinner and a movie with the family.  SO I happily obliged. Oh Oh Oh let's not forget I checked him out of school, on his birthday, and took him and his friend Chase to lunch and shopping.  

(Yes I said shopping.....shoe shopping to be exact) :)

NOW as you all may know Kelto is my boy that absolutely hates to have his pic taken.  He thinks of any and every excuse to get out of it.  I have learned to be a little creative in my convincing as of late.

So today was his 9th grade Lagoon day.  He and 2 of his friends needed a ride.  I of course needed a pic.  We compromised.  

Sadly the lighting was terrible, it was raining, Kelto doesn't like to smile, plus he limited my shot count to 20.  

I took what I could get.....this was the best out of the bunch.


 I hate to admit but his birthday is by far the hardest day to deal with out of the 4 boys.  May 20th, 1996 was the day my little family truly began.  It's very difficult to look back on that day.  My how circumstances and people have changed since then.....  

 Celebrating his birthday every year is bittersweet....in so many ways. 

Nonetheless.....I love this kid....he deserves nothing but the best.  

Just ask him what he got....from my parents and I....

A Apple iPad.....yah....I don't even have one....geez.

Spoiled is the only word that comes to mind. 

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Kelto....:)




Camo(uflage).....Birthday Party

 Happy Birthday to my Camo, Cam, Cami, Cam-man on and on....  

He's more a Camo than the others.....so it's only fitting that I throw him a Camo(uflage) Birthday Party.  I even attempted to make a cake.  LOL....yah I'm not a baker, but I at least gave it a shot.  He loved every part of his party, cake and all.

Thanks to all my family for coming over to celebrate my babies 7th birthday. 

Mama loves you Camo :)




Happy 7th Birthday to my Camo.....!!!!!!

I love this kid.....!!!!


Happy Birthday to my Bug....

 Can I just say that I am incredibly happy that the Holidays are ooooovvvvveeeeerrrrr with.  What a CrAzY, busy, wonderful, exciting month December was.  

Yes yes yes yes I turned 36 on the 13th......AND may I just say.....it was the best, most amazing birthday that I've had in years.  I honestly mean that from the bottom of my heart.  I guess life does go on....who would of thunk????

Christmas was overwhelming....yet....more meaningful and wonderful than I could have imagined.  

BUT let me get to what this post is REALLY all about.....my Buggy Wuggy!!!  He is now officially one decade old. His birthday on the 27th was sooooo much fun.  I just love my December baby!

I quickly threw some pictures up....  I feel bad I didn't actually post them on his birthday.  I honestly can't find the time lately to give my blog much attention....sigh.

I'll try and work on that....:)

Here's Buggy's birthday cupcake-cake.  We all had fun decorating the cupcakes up at Nannie's :)

Bug is my 3rd oldest baby boy.  He was born just 2 days after Christmas 2000.  I remember Christmas day that year....I was at my parents house.  I recall needing something from the car.  As I went outside to the car I slipped and fell on the icy driveway....  I thought for sure he'd come that day.  He stayed in till the 27th when I was induced.  He was BY FAR my "easiest" birth.  Three pushes and all 8 lbs 8 oz of him were out.

I remember being so overwhelmed after his birth.  I had a 4 year old, a 16 month old, and now a new born.  

That was a HARD year.....

It's a dang good thing he was the "easiest" most content baby.  What a blessing that was.  

Bug is the momma's boy out of the bunch.  Plus with the cutest dang freckles I've ever seen....I just can't resist him!!!

He such a smart little thing.  He also loves to bake and cook, play soccer, and play legos.  Bug is my one baby that reminds me the most of "me".  If you see pictures of me as a little girl.....buggy and I look quite a bit alike.  Of course he has less freckles than I did....plus he has the most beautiful blue eyes.

I love my buggy.  I hate the fact that he's growing up.  I wish time could stand still.....  I miss having my babies.  Time seems to be passing by so quickly lately.  It's a sad but true fact.....

Happy Birthday my little Bugman....;)





Happy Birthday to My Summer Baby....

My CeCe, or you might also know him as Wanke, Wankers etc......turns 11 today.  I remember vividly the day he was born.  It was a Sunday (just like today).  I was getting induced (just like the others).  I told the nurse that I hadn't felt him move for hours.  Her face went a little white.  But I quickly confirmed to her that it was typical of this pregnancy.  My placenta was in a spot in my Uterus (the front portion) that I couldn't feel him move all that much.  I had many many days during my pregnancy wondering if he was still alive....more than I care to remember

Moving onto his birth....the epidural didn't work.  I had decided to wait and get it later than normal....and I ended up paying the price.  I had him all NATURAL.  Yah that wasn't the greatest experience.  Let's just say I was pretty vocal about it.

But in the end I had a beautiful 8 lb. 6 oz. baby boy.  Like the others, he was taken over a week early, so I didn't have another 9 lb. baby.  He was plenty big even a week early.

TO this day I completely (100%) feel that he was a twin.  And his twin was my one and only little girl.  I thought for sure (about 10 weeks along) I had miscarried him.  Obviously I didn't....I totally believe that I was pregnant with twins and lost one.  CeCe has the personality that leads me to think that he's missing something.  He doesn't ever like to be alone.  He doesn't care to have his own room.  He is not a loner in any sense of the word.

CeCe is the emotional one out of all my boys.  He's my only green eyed left hander.  He's actually left-handed in everything....writing, kicking, throwing.  He is quite the little athlete as well.  He's the youngest boy on his soccer team (he's actually playing up a year).  He starts as left-defender.

CeCe is the type of kid that will play with anybody.  In the last 4 years he has gotten awards at school for "including" other children.  Being their friend when others wouldn't even give them a thought.  He doesn't judge people harshly.  

CeCe is loving, funny, the cool kid, the girl magnet, the friend to all....CeCe is my rock.  Especially lately.....

He's more like me than I realize at times.  He has a huge appetite (like me), he's feisty (like me), loves Soccer (like me), super competitive (like me), clingy (like me), emotional (like me), Drama queen at times (like me), indecisive (like me), get's embarassed easily (like me)....sweet (like me).

Happy Birthday to my CeCe.  Try not to smile in any of your pictures o.k.


Last night (again) it was after 11:00....I had just fallen asleep....I was awaken to the ring of my doorbell....I knew what it was....so I went back to sleep.  When we awoke the next morning I told CeCe that there was a big present out in the front yard.  Boy was he excited....  He opened the front door to a nice little TP Job, a Bunch of Candy Bars, a Birthday Cake and cute Birthday Card.  

I said "oh how cute....you have a secret admirer".  

"Now go and clean up the front yard" :)  

CeCe is quite the Lady Killer....I'm a little worried about his teenage years.  

I've told my boys time and time again....GIRLS ARE NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!!!!!

And if I had 4 girls I'd say the same about boys....:)



My oldest turns 14....

Happy Birthday to my oldest May Baby!!  I can't believe my Kelto is 14 years old today! I remember like it was yesterday the day that he was born.  It was a beautiful day in Logan.  I was huge (as usual when I'm pregnant), I couldn't walk (only shuffle), my ankles were non-exisitant, I was nervous, I didn't know what I was getting myself into....  So after 12 hours of labor, 3 of which I spent pushing.....through an eventual emergency c-section, my 9 1/2 lb. first Baby Boy was born.  He had a head the size of a soccer ball (not really, but close), thick black hair, and was the most Beautiful Baby Boy that I'd ever seen. (I'm completely serious about that.  The Labor and Delivery nurses at Logan Regional Hospital were amazed and in awe of him....as was I)

What a blessing he is in my life! What a pain in the butt he is to his younger brothers!  Kelto may look like me, but his personality is a lot like his dad's....{sigh}.  So far the teenage years have been a little rough, but I actually think (lately) that it's gotten better.  Kelto definitely plays out the older brother role well.  He also is quite the smooth talker.  At times his ideas and stories are quite convincing....  He is smart, witty, caring, goofy, understanding, and an all around awesome kid!!!  I can't help but love him....but if only he'd let me squish him once in awhile.  



P.S. He truly hates picture taking, but yesterday he was awesome about it!  I guess getting him out of school early, taking him for a mommy/son b-day lunch, getting him new b-day shoes etc. did the trick :) 


My Baby Turns 6....

 Happy Birthday to my Camo!!  Six years ago today I gave birth to my very last baby boy....  I weighed just over the 200 lb. mark.  YES, shocking but true.  He weighed just over the 8 lb. mark.  SO what's my excuse for gaining so much weight?....{sigh} I don't have one.

What a blessing this little guy has been.  What a spirit and personlaity he has.  He is growing up right before my eyes.  I love him with all my heart.  He is definitely the baby of our family.  I'm a sucker for this kid....  He amazes me everyday with his spunk, laughter, smarts, quickness, sensibility, toughness and most of all his zest for life!  Happy Birthday buddy....:)

Camo and Marley....

Love this boy....

Yes....he's all boy...."air" gun and all.

My big boy....

May Babies and Dandelions....

er uhhh....thanks for the flowers....I mean weeds :)

I put Camo's fav song on my playlist :)


More of Buggy Boo's Birthday....

Here are a few more pics of Bug's Birthday.  Tomorrow we hit a movie (Alvin and the Chipmunks) then to his fav place to eat Tepanyaki.  This year I promised him that I would make Snowman Cupcakes....and I didn't fail.  I'm not sure on the quality and/or appearance of the cupcakes, but I had fun making them with Buggy :)