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My life seems crazy right now.  BUT a good kind of CRAZY :)

Here is but a small sampling of our August....which doesn't include CeCe's birthday and/or Camo's Baptism.










Me and my Honey B bought ourselves new Kayaks....  SOooooo much fun.  

The fishing I can do without....everybody knows I can't catch a fish to save my life.  

Instead I took my insanely expensive camera out on the lake.  Who does that ???  



I love my new garden/planter boxes that Mr. B built for me earlier this spring.  I've never had such a well producing garden at this house....ever.

Plus my parents and I had the back breaking job a filling the residual garden with rock.  

Holy cow....between laying down black plastic....and hauling the rock from the front of the house to the garden..... It was quite a job.  





It's Great to be 8.....

I'm sooooo stinkin proud of my Camo for making the decision to get baptized over the weekend.  

I wish I would've of gotten more pics of the momentus day.... But such is life.

I'm also "over the moon" with pride that my oldest son could baptize my youngest son.....

That's just plain awesomeness right there folks :)  Momma is proud of her Kelto.....

Crazy that things don't always turn out how one anticipates or hopes....  

Last Saturday was a Comedy of Errors, from being told the wrong Stake Center, to Camo getting a bloody nose on route to the baptism (yes there was blood all over his white clothes), then to almost having to cancel the pool party afterwards because the pool cover wasn't working (shocker).  

But in the end we made it the correct stake center, my sis-in-law had a clorox wipe that cleaned Camo all up before the baptism, and the pool cover people came and saved the day (300$ dollars....blah) and got the cover working.

What a special day that was for my Camo.  I'm thankful for all the family and friends that could come and celebrate this happy day with us.

Oh and look and me, Camo and my handsome man Brayden (Aka Big B).  More on him later  (wink wink)

:) :) :) :) :)




It's a Goalie Thing....

Bugman and I dig Hope Solo.... 

Watching the USA Women's Soccer Team play, is my favorite thing about this years Olympics.

If only I could play goalie like Hope....in my mind I do....but my 37 year old body completely disagrees ;) Blah.


Also..... In less than 2 weeks this handsome, sweet, funny, silly and perfectly perfect kid is getting baptized.  

Man I love him......



La Roca Pioneer Cup 2012

My CeCe's U13 Boys Soccer team took this years Pioneer Cup Championship.... YAY!!!

This tourney was also CeCe's debut back into the soccer world after his MX accident barely 8 weeks ago.  He did great, even starting every game.  Maybe a little out of shape, but overall I was super proud of my boy.

Also my Camo's La Roca team competed.... Playing up a year even.  

Cam did awesome!!  In fact one game he had a "Hat Trick".... Good Job Buddy!

I was lucky enough to get a pic of 1 of his 3 goals that particular game :)






Happy Birthday to My Camo....

Happy Birthday to my May Baby Camo Wamo....

Today we celebrated his 8th birthday....on Mother's Day no less.

As per his request for a birthday cake....I made Strawberry Shortcake.

Not one piece was left over....yummy :)

It was an Avenger theme party....well....let's just say I intended it to be Avenger themed.  

Hulk party is more like it.


Here's a pic of Camo playing with his new golf clubs....  He absolutely loved them!! 

After his b-day party we all headed over to Toads to hit a bucket of balls.

Love this Kid ;) 


I love Motocross!!!!

My boys racing MX is the most "fantastical" thing EVER!!!

I'm so proud to watch them jump 20+ feet in the air, to race through the beyond bumpy whoops, and hit the corners with everything they have. It's so freaking amazing to watch.....

I love it even more when they are at the starting line with 20+ other riders pegging the throttle in hopes of getting the hole shot....

Honestly the sound of the rev of their dirt bikes gives me the chills....I can't get enough of it!!



LOVE it even more when they are hit from behind by another rider....because this is what happens!




Let me say it one more time just in case you didn't get it the first time.


I didn't get any pics of CeCe racing.... I made a trip to the emergency room instead.  Awesome.....

I've said it before....I'll say it many times more....

"There is a special place in Heaven for a mom with all boys".

(Buggy chose wisely and didn't race this time around)

Here's Kelto's first youtube/GoPro video (that he's ever made) from that day at the track.  

His wreck is at the very end.  I hope you enjoy it.

Cause I didn't....;)

OCA MX Track April 22, 2012



My Fall/Xterra Week....

When my boys were younger I use to dread the coming of Fall....  Because inevitably that meant that soon it would be cold outside, and they'd be cooped up all winter....inside....alone with just me.  (I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it)  

But alas I no longer have babies.  Big sigh of relief.....

Now I can't believe what I was missing out on.  Fall time in Utah is wonderful.....absolutely beautiful :)

Last week was lot's of fun.  I went on my weekly hike with my mom and Miss Layla on the Shoreline Trail.  

Also my boys and I (plus a few of our friends) competed in the Xterra Trailrun.  

Kelto and CeCe ran the 10k and did awesome.  They both placed top 3 in their age divisions.  

Bug and Camo ran the 5k with me, and they kicked butt, they both took 2nd place in their age divisions.

I just love those boys....  They continually amaze me :)

Miss Natalie, Miss H and myself ran the 5k.....and we finished....with big smiles on our faces.  

Thanks to the Bastian and Bell Family....you guys rocked it.  We loved hanging out with all you guys :)


Camo(uflage).....Birthday Party

 Happy Birthday to my Camo, Cam, Cami, Cam-man on and on....  

He's more a Camo than the others.....so it's only fitting that I throw him a Camo(uflage) Birthday Party.  I even attempted to make a cake.  LOL....yah I'm not a baker, but I at least gave it a shot.  He loved every part of his party, cake and all.

Thanks to all my family for coming over to celebrate my babies 7th birthday. 

Mama loves you Camo :)




Happy 7th Birthday to my Camo.....!!!!!!

I love this kid.....!!!!



What can I say about t-ball....

-it's out of my comfort zone.

-a little boring to watch.

-they spare no expense on the team shirt....which I like....cause the shirts are super cute.

-every ball is 99% of the time thrown to first base whether someone is there or not.

-every kid begs to be on first.

-a little boring to watch (whoops) already said that.

-my CAMO absolutely loves it.

-enough said....