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Tis the Season.....

 Here is our FIRST official family Christmas Card with Honey B, myself and the 4evermyboys.  

I of course left off the boys names and such.  But sometimes I think it's funny that I continue to do that.  I'm sure if someone really wanted to find out my children's names from looking at my blog....it wouldn't be all that hard to figure them out.

Oh well....  Just typing out loud.


We wish you all out in blogland a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Christmas Tree Jubilee....

Now that Halloween is over with....bring on the Holidays!!  

This year my friend Michelle and I are in charge of decorating a tree for the Christmas Tree Jubilee.  Wahlquist Junior High has (as far back as I know) always donated a tree to help with the Weber School District Foundation and their yearly Jubilee.

Michele and myself spent all day today shopping and getting everything we needed for WJHS tree.

I love Michelle.  I can't think of a better person to be involved in this with.  We both are on the Wahlquist PTSA Board.  We work great together, and I wouldn't be on the board without her encouragement.

Anyway.....  Please come out to the Jubilee at the end of this month.  The tree with the most votes will receive 1000$.  I'm encouraging all WJHS students and their parents, all my friends and family, to head down to the Jubilee and vote for our tree.  Even if it's not the cutest....vote for it anyway.  

WJHS would greatly benefit from this.  Every vote counts!!!

I normally never put my Christmas Tree up until after Thanksgiving.  But after shopping all day for tree decorations, listening to Christmas Music, I'm putting all my Christmas decos up this weekend.

My poor boys....they are in for it!!

Kelto is good enough to put ornaments on a tree.  The others can help me lift and move everything else.  

I'm so excited!!

Maybe I'll start on my Christmas Cards as well....?



I love my boys in black and white.  I also kinda like this pic of the lights at Ogden's Christmas Village....

Busy day and night.....2 school Christmas parties, Avatar, din-din, Christmas lights, Hot Chocolate, sorry skipped Santa and finally my soccer game....:)


Can you feel it....?

 Here are some pics of Temple Square, The Lion House etc. from the other night.  I would of posted some pics from the "This is the Place" Heritage Park, but I'm tired....so this all your gonna get.....don't be too dissappointed. Maybe later....  I'm trying to learn how to take pics with little or no light.  

Not too bad for my first attempt.  

Christmas is just about here....can you feel it!?  I'm excited....and just about ready for the big day!!! :)