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DisneyWorld, Miss Michelle, and Halloween.....

The Fam and I (minus the two older Stinky Peets) braved the elements and luckily missed Hurricane Sandy while we visited DisneyWorld last week and weekend.  Another post to come on this super fun trip :)


I decided to lift my photography embargo and do family pics for my amazing friend Michelle and her beautiful family.  I honestly love her and her kids....  Michelle and I have way too much in commom with our lives.  And rightfully so....we've become super close this last year.  Here are a couple sneak peaks of her family pics.

Meet a couple Zombies and....

Meet the Flintstones....... Fred and WILMA!!!!!!!!!

Meet the GreenMan ??? aka my little bro Tee Tee.....

Meet my Biker Chick Mom (with a FAKE cigarette FYI !!), and my "Conglomerate" Father?  

(I'm not sure what he was trying to be....many things in one??)




Halloween Bunko....

Bunko was at my house this month....

Halloween Bunko is always the best!


Look at Tonya.....aka....Pimp Daddy!!! 

She of course won Best Costume of the Night (two years running).

Tonya sure knows how to bring it!!! 

Here's me (the Indian Princess as I like to be called) trying to figure out how to fit 12 girls in a picture frame.  

My house isn't the most suitable.  

But think the pics turned out just fine :)


Halloween Rap....

We did this last year.  I thought we needed a little comedy relief after the week we've all had.  

The boys once again got to choose who they wanted to be.  Kelto had no choice.  He was stuck in the recliner....poor thing couldn't get up and make his own pick. He ended up being the witch LOL!!!


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You can go here to see last years little beauty....

(it might take a little bit to download)



Halloween 2009....

We had a awesome Halloween!!  Good food, good weather, and lot's of goodies!!!  This year I had a NERD, a NINJA, and a ZOMBIE.  My oldest....(since he is a teenager) went to a movie/party with friends!!  I'm a little ticked because he saw "Paranormal Activity" before me....he sucks! 

Anyway my parents came over for our annual Halloween Party.  My mom had a bit of Martha Stewart in her this year and made the most amazing Cupcakes EVER!!!  I was seriously impressed!  I made yummy Chicken Noodle Soup and some Bone Breadsticks.  

My mom and dad had a little surprise in store for us.  After dinner they secretly dressed up in their costumes and tricked my boys.  My CeCe had no idea who they were....it was hilarious!!  The other 2 figured it out pretty quick.  Poor CeCe....we'll just blame it on those glasses.