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September Recap.....

Whoa whoa whoa....September has come and gone?? 

Time sure does fly when you're having fun :)

I'm finally getting back to my old self....  

One way I can tell is that I bottled salsa this year with my madre....

52 pints..  Good Times..

This pic is gonna make my dad squirm in front of his Apple lap-top....LOL....sorry Dad.  

But I just had to throw it up on my blog.  

Here's me and my Honey B at the Hurricane house, messing around with my camera :)

Camo and I love to go and support B at his softball games.... :)



Flowers from Honey B and 4evermyboys....

Geez, what a lucky girl I am!



 Oh and here's a little sneak peak from our latest family pics.....:) :) 

I can't wait to see the rest.






I have a "Hurricane House"....meaning.....I have a house in Hurricane, Utah.  

A quaint little town quite close to St. George.  

You can call it the "St. George House" if you'd like....I sometimes do.

I gave it....my "Hurricane House"....a little 3 day visit this last weekend.  The weather was PERFECT!!!  

I took this picture while hiking 10 miles (by accident) on the Hurricane Canal Trail.





aka Crabbie Patties....

 So I decided that I would get my boys a pet(s) for Valentine's Day.  Now keep in mind I am not a pet person.  I'm allergic to cats.  Dogs....yah not so much.  We had a fish or two at one point in time.  We even managed to keep a lizard alive for a few months.  I guess the next step in our pet revolution is Hermit Crabs.  aka Crabbie Patties.  

My boys were so excited!  I was a little unsure at first....they take some getting use to.  But so far so good.  Two of them have already switched out of their shells.  Which I didn't know they did.  It's a learning curve.  

The trick now is to keep them alive....let's all cross our fingers :)


Oh and P.S. I love my beautiful Lily's from my Valentine.  Progression is such a wonderful thing.  And patience is a virtue.....especially on my part :)


Hurricane....Fun in the Sun!

My Fam and I headed to Hurricane this last weekend.  We enjoyed hiking, movie watching (The Lightening Thief), Desert X, Valentine's Day, President's Day....you get the drift.  I hadn't been to my Hurricane House for a while, so I guess I can add, CLEANING to the list.  I'm a little over the top on keeping that house nice an tidy.  The rest of my fam is a little bugged by it....whatever!  I'm mainly cleaning up after them.

But anyways....I still need to add a pic to this post on the V-Day gift's I got my boys.  I'm working on it! They were so excited.  BUT.....really it's not that big of a deal.  Hopefully I'll have the update completed by late tonight :)