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Mountain Bike Racing.....

I truly love that I'm blogging about a Mountain Bike Race versus a Motorcross Race....

How exciting that my Kelto is participating in a newly minted mountain bike league for Utah High School kids....  This league (in my opinion, is way overdue).  

Check out it's website for more info....Utah High School Cycling League.

Kelto had his final race yesterday up at Soldier Hollow.  I think he did amazing.  

I hate to say it, but I will anyway.

It was a welcome relief to watch a mountain bike race, over yet another soccer game.

 Me, Honey B and Chase-A-Rama all went up to support Kelto.  I can't wait till next year when he is racing Varsity.


Pre-Race.....waiting to line up.

Ooooohhhhh Kelto.....  Just take a picture with your mom.  It won't kill you.

Right off the start line.

Lap 2 of a 3 lap course....

Finish Line.....


Good Job buddy....  I love to watch those long legs of yours move up the mountain..... lol :)


It's Great to be 8.....

I'm sooooo stinkin proud of my Camo for making the decision to get baptized over the weekend.  

I wish I would've of gotten more pics of the momentus day.... But such is life.

I'm also "over the moon" with pride that my oldest son could baptize my youngest son.....

That's just plain awesomeness right there folks :)  Momma is proud of her Kelto.....

Crazy that things don't always turn out how one anticipates or hopes....  

Last Saturday was a Comedy of Errors, from being told the wrong Stake Center, to Camo getting a bloody nose on route to the baptism (yes there was blood all over his white clothes), then to almost having to cancel the pool party afterwards because the pool cover wasn't working (shocker).  

But in the end we made it the correct stake center, my sis-in-law had a clorox wipe that cleaned Camo all up before the baptism, and the pool cover people came and saved the day (300$ dollars....blah) and got the cover working.

What a special day that was for my Camo.  I'm thankful for all the family and friends that could come and celebrate this happy day with us.

Oh and look and me, Camo and my handsome man Brayden (Aka Big B).  More on him later  (wink wink)

:) :) :) :) :)




Kelto is the Big 16....

Sixteen years ago this kid made me a Mother, a Mom, a Mama, a Mommy.  

It's hard to believe I have a child this old.... 

His birth (May 20th, 1996 11:30 p.m. Logan, Utah) was the beginning of my life...my future.  

Man I was in love with him....  

His birth was beyond horrible and exhausting.  But we made it through.  

I was only 21 years old.  He was my 9 1/2 lb. baby boy I had worked so hard to bring into the world.

Notice the forcep marks on the sides of his head....  Five different sets were used in hopes of getting him out.

Yah....nothing worked.  Finally I had an emergercy c-section.  It was scary.

He's wearing size one diapers....  What a fat, squishy baby he was....

He never was a true newborn.  He even rolled over at 6 days old....

He had a head full of thick, black hair....


I quickly shuffled through some old pics of Kelto when he was little.  This pic is by far and away my favorite.  I took it back when film was still in use.  This is how I remember my only brown-eyed boy.  

Such a lifetime ago....

Happy Birthday Buddy.  And YES.... I'll take you to the DMV tomorrow morning so you can get your license.

BIG BIG Big Big big big sigh.....




I love Motocross!!!!

My boys racing MX is the most "fantastical" thing EVER!!!

I'm so proud to watch them jump 20+ feet in the air, to race through the beyond bumpy whoops, and hit the corners with everything they have. It's so freaking amazing to watch.....

I love it even more when they are at the starting line with 20+ other riders pegging the throttle in hopes of getting the hole shot....

Honestly the sound of the rev of their dirt bikes gives me the chills....I can't get enough of it!!



LOVE it even more when they are hit from behind by another rider....because this is what happens!




Let me say it one more time just in case you didn't get it the first time.


I didn't get any pics of CeCe racing.... I made a trip to the emergency room instead.  Awesome.....

I've said it before....I'll say it many times more....

"There is a special place in Heaven for a mom with all boys".

(Buggy chose wisely and didn't race this time around)

Here's Kelto's first youtube/GoPro video (that he's ever made) from that day at the track.  

His wreck is at the very end.  I hope you enjoy it.

Cause I didn't....;)

OCA MX Track April 22, 2012



My Fall/Xterra Week....

When my boys were younger I use to dread the coming of Fall....  Because inevitably that meant that soon it would be cold outside, and they'd be cooped up all winter....inside....alone with just me.  (I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it)  

But alas I no longer have babies.  Big sigh of relief.....

Now I can't believe what I was missing out on.  Fall time in Utah is wonderful.....absolutely beautiful :)

Last week was lot's of fun.  I went on my weekly hike with my mom and Miss Layla on the Shoreline Trail.  

Also my boys and I (plus a few of our friends) competed in the Xterra Trailrun.  

Kelto and CeCe ran the 10k and did awesome.  They both placed top 3 in their age divisions.  

Bug and Camo ran the 5k with me, and they kicked butt, they both took 2nd place in their age divisions.

I just love those boys....  They continually amaze me :)

Miss Natalie, Miss H and myself ran the 5k.....and we finished....with big smiles on our faces.  

Thanks to the Bastian and Bell Family....you guys rocked it.  We loved hanging out with all you guys :)


Dancing and Motocrossing....

Big sigh..... My Kelto went to his high schools Homecoming dance this year.  What does that even mean?  I thought that kid had little to no interest in the female persuasion.  

Geeeezz girls are nothing but T-R-O-U-B-L-E you know.  Yes Yes Yes they are.... I am one, so I know.  

Anyway.... The dance was the same day as Tee Tee and Em's wedding.  So suffice it to say it was a busy, busy, busy day.

Kelto and Miss M....

See I told you she was a redhead....  Which means extra trouble.  

The crazy thing is....she and I get along great.  Plus she is an amazingly beautiful girl in and out.  Also Miss M is on the high school drill team which means she is an incredible dancer (Fremont High School Silver-line).  Obviously I could go on and on about her.... *Remember I have only boys*


Chase and Kelto looking good....

Plus today I went and watched my Kelto do what he does best....  Riding Motocross....


And the answer is.....



So my Kelto is going to Fremont High School's Homecoming Dance.  Whoa!  

And....NO....he's not 16, but I'm not too worried about age issues like that.  He's going with a group of his best friends.  I'm pretty good with group dates and dances until he eventually turns 16.

I'm hoping he doesn't get on my blog and see this....he would probably be bugged.  But how could I not post something like this?  I mean really....

He asked his date with a bunch of bouncy balls, with the question being.....      

"I'd bounce off the wall's if you'd go to the Homecoming Dance with me".....

She answered with

"Out of all the flowers in the world, you picked me" and left the word "YES"{outlined in flowers} on our front lawn last night.

I felt like I was in High School all over again via my Kelto..... Of course he thought I was the biggest dork in the entire world.  It also didn't help that his date and I we're texting each other all night working out the logistics of her answering him.

BTW.....I failed to mention that Kelto's Homecoming Date is a REDHEAD.  Geez that kid has good taste :)



Happy Birthday to my Kelto....

Ok.....let me preface this post with a little FYI.....

I quite dislike the fact that I have a son that is now 15 years old.  I mean honestly....  

I'm not old enough to have a child that old, who btw is now getting facial hair! 

But apparently I am.....big sigh.

Kelto's birthday was last friday.  He didn't want a party.  Didn't care for a cake.  He just wanted dinner and a movie with the family.  SO I happily obliged. Oh Oh Oh let's not forget I checked him out of school, on his birthday, and took him and his friend Chase to lunch and shopping.  

(Yes I said shopping.....shoe shopping to be exact) :)

NOW as you all may know Kelto is my boy that absolutely hates to have his pic taken.  He thinks of any and every excuse to get out of it.  I have learned to be a little creative in my convincing as of late.

So today was his 9th grade Lagoon day.  He and 2 of his friends needed a ride.  I of course needed a pic.  We compromised.  

Sadly the lighting was terrible, it was raining, Kelto doesn't like to smile, plus he limited my shot count to 20.  

I took what I could get.....this was the best out of the bunch.


 I hate to admit but his birthday is by far the hardest day to deal with out of the 4 boys.  May 20th, 1996 was the day my little family truly began.  It's very difficult to look back on that day.  My how circumstances and people have changed since then.....  

 Celebrating his birthday every year is bittersweet....in so many ways. 

Nonetheless.....I love this kid....he deserves nothing but the best.  

Just ask him what he got....from my parents and I....

A Apple iPad.....yah....I don't even have one....geez.

Spoiled is the only word that comes to mind. 

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Kelto....:)




worry, blessings, surgery, relief....

My Kelto had surgery on his arm on Wednesday.  It went super duper well!!  


On tuesday, at the orthopedics office, the day before the surgery, the news was not even close to being super duper.  More like Holy Sheila Kelto what in the Hoboken have you done to yourself.  

The doctor just kept staring and examining the CT Scans.  He kept making calls to the radiologist.  He was all business....not light hearted....not funny even in the slightest....he obviously didn't know that my anxiety was about to bubble over and smack him right in the face at any moment.  He needed to give me some sort of good news....  

Well he didn't.  What he said was....this is a very severe and significant break....were looking at growth plate issues....arthritis issues....limited movement in his elbow for the rest of his life issues....were going to need to plate and pin....5+ inch incision....maybe close to a 6 hour surgery....maybe more future surgeries!!!

What the freaking french toast!!  Good Hell...really!

The doc decided to order another CT Scan of Kelto's arm.  Afterwards, as Kelto and I drove home from the hospital, I sat in silence.  Thinking to myself....really....really really!!?

I then preceded to drop Kelton off at home and gather up Jessie to take to the vet.  One hour and 500$ later I left Jessie at the vet's office for more testing.  BUT BUT BUT that is another story all on it's own.  I'll cycle back to that at another point in time.

Afterwards I got the boys costumes all ready for the Halloween Carnival that evening at the Elementary school. While driving to the school my older brother called and did his brotherly duty.  How are you?  What can we do? Does Kelto need a blessing?

I replied....."yes he needs a blessing".  

So at the carnival I vowed to myself to take big bros awesome advice (thanks BTW) and get Kelto a blessing before his surgery.  I made a few inquiries from a few guys at the carnival and found out who I should call when I got back home.

I finally got home from the carnival.  And no kidding....but to my surprise my whole Bishopric showed up at my front door. They didn't even know that Kelto was in need of a blessing....wow!

They gave both me and Kelto absolutely wonderful blessings.  Blessings that I will remember for the rest of my life.  

After they left, Kelto looked at me and said "Mom, I really feel better about my surgery tomorrow"....I replied...."Me too".  I honestly had every fear regarding his surgery and the future of his arm taken away from me.  I truly felt that everything was going to be fine....wow!!

SO to make a already long story short.  The doc came in the next morning to do his surgery.  He said the lastest CT Scan painted a much better picture than the day before.  BUT he did say to plan on at least a 2+ hour surgery.

Sooooo only 45 minutes (not 2 hours) later Kelto was out of surgery, with no incisions, no plates, just 4 pins to hold his arm together.  No growth plate worries and a much, much better prognosis than the day before. 

I sat there, alone in the waiting room, after the doctor left, and was dumbfounded.

But I knew Who was to thank.....

Blessings are a powerful, powerful thing.  Kelto and I are witnesses to it.  I'm thankful that my other boys were witnesses to it as well.

I'm not the most spiritual person in the world.  I should probably try so as to be a better example to my boys....thankfully enough though....I have a big bro looking out for me that led to my Bishopric being in tune to "just visit" my house at the exact right time ;)



Kelto's after surgery x-rays and hospital "asleep" shot....:)  I could of done a better scanning job.  Oh well....I'm tired.  BTW those pins in his arm, stick out of his skin at least a 1/2 inch or so, each one of them.  

Yummy I know....good grief!!



See my Kelto in the picture below.  This was taken right before he wrecked.  The wreck resulted in a broken arm. A complete break in the humerus bone of his left arm.  Along with a broken arm he chipped his ankle bone on his right leg.  This all happened last friday night.

Surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday.  The broken bone is either going to be pinned or plated.  Kelto also has wear a boot for the ankle injury.  

What can I say?  I mean really....what response can I give?  

I will try and look at the positive.  Kelto is going to be ok.  He's comfortable and not in too much pain.  I get to have a buddy at home with me for the next week....since there is no way he can go to school.  He's a movie lover (like me) so I get to have a snuggle/movie buddy.  I love to dote on my kids....so being his nurse maid is something I actually enjoy.

I'm thankful that he wasn't more seriously injured.  I hate the fact that this will be his 3rd surgery for broken bones.  I'm relieved his broken arm is not even close to as bad as when he broke his leg.

I'm on the countdown (again) for bad things happen in 3's....I have a solid 2 count that I'm already sure of.

Oh well....  

I love my Kelto. I feel awful that he's going through this.  BUT ya know what?!  The kid is a daredevil. It's kinda surprising that this didn't happen while on his motorcycle.  Kelto is an amazing bike and motocross rider....so I guess stuff like this is bound to happen every now and again.  

BUT....It doesn't mean that I have to like it!!!



Holy Sheila....

....I honestly can't stand to watch my Kelto race MX!  

Today Kelto raced in the 2nd annual Powder Mountain Motocross.  He raced awesome....considering most of his competition were riders from out of state.  

Jeremy McGrath was the main attraction....yawn yawn....  

I didn't hang out there all day long to see him ride, I went to watch my boy.

The minute I got to the track today I said a million bazillion prayers for all the riders....and especially for my Kelto.  I've been cursed with anxiety and when I go to these races my true "anxiety colors" show.  

As he was lining up at the gate (the all to familiar) hyperventilation, wringing of hands, fidgeting of feet, cold sweat, and pacing began....

BUT one good thing happened this time around....after the start I RAN from one end of the race track, down to the middle of the course, and then back up half a ski hill to get another shot of him besides the start.  I'm guessing the elevation up there is WELL over 6000 ....I was a huffing and a puffing. (I think at the top of Powder it's around 9000 ft. of elevation....just a FYI)

But all of that took my mind off my boy....

Some (heavily intoxicated) dude made notice of my climb up the mountain with my camera in tow....he seemed pretty darn impressed....I guess I'll take what I can get....right?? 

But in the end Kelto did great.....

Me so HAPPY his 2 races are finally over with!!


Two things that I'm looking forward to....


Tomorrow night I'm attending the "Last Wish Concert for Natalie Jolley"  

I highly recommend you checking out her blog.  

She's fighting for her life.  

Brooke White (from American Idol) is performing along with other local artists from around the Ogden area.  I'm planning on taking at least a couple of my boys....should be a great night.

Maybe all of you out in blogland could maybe come and show your support....


Kelto and I are chomping at the bit for the next "Hunger Games" book to be released.  The third book of the trilogy "Mockingjay" is coming out August 24th.  Yeah Baby....I seriously can't wait !!!


From Soccer to Motocross.... 

It was a sad soccer day all around.  USA bit the big one, and my Buggy's SWAT team lost their Championship game in a hard fought battle :(

BUT there's always MOTOCROSS.....(I hate motocross)

MX is the most anxiety ridden sport....at least for Mothers.  BUT I went and supported my Kelto today.  He had four races in all....I could barely stomach attending one.  Honestly if you could watch me during a race LOL.  I talk to myself like a mad woman!  I also pace, I wring my hands together, I bite my lower lip, I sing to myself, I dry heave on and on and on....

Seriously....like I've said before....why can't they just take up playing checkers???



SO the pic below is right after the start.  This particular race he didn't even come close to getting the hole shot, but the race following this one he did in fact get the hole shot....I didn't stay around watch.

This is where I start talking to myself....

I'm now just starting to bite my lower lip.....

HOLY FREAK.....really....I start to sing to myself on this one!


I'm past the point of no return because he just now finished his 1st lap.....out of 6!!  Really why can't we just end it at 1 lap....no need for 5 more.....right....who's with me?

After the race....he's looking at me like I'm a crazy woman....wondering what all the fuss is about.

Good Job I say....you were awesome out there!  Now I'm gonna go home and throw-up....

BTW he really did kick butt out there today.  7th overall out of 24.....  That might not seem that impressive, but considering the class that he's competing in....it's exceptional :)


My Desert X Racer....

My oldest has been involved in this season's USRA Desert Race series.  His first race ever in Desert X was last January, he hasn't missed a race since.  I personally have only been to one of his races.  There's a variety of reasons as to why ie. I have anxiety, kid's soccer, anxiety, soccer and more anxiety!!!  He races in the 85 Mini Novice Class.  Since he never Desert raced before the Novice Class seemed like the best choice.  But as it turns out he is kicking butt in Novice (1st place overall), he honestly should move up to Amateur.  We are currently mulling over that decision.

Anyway....I'm so proud of my boy!  It looks as though he's found his niche.  Here's a pic of him after his latest race and a youtube video to follow :)  Look for him in the left hand bottom corner of the video at about 1:48.  He starts off the race in 6th or 7th place, but finishes in 1st :)  That's awesome!!

P.S. I put some Ozzy on for ya buddy....your Moto Music :)


Desert Cross....{sigh}

So this is a blog about myself and my 4 boys right....?  I've noticed lately that it's been all about me.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing.....but anyway :)  

Sooooo a couple weeks ago my oldest competed in his first desert cross race...."The Mesquite Grand Prix".  And to be quite honest I really didn't know what to expect from him.  He has competed in quite a few motocross races, but never Desert Cross.  For some odd reason I'm more comfortable with my boys doing desert instead of motocross.  I'm not sure either is the greatest....in terms of overall safety, but do I really have a choice?  

I posted a youtube video of the race....the kid took 2nd overall in his division!!  Isn't that GREAT-FANTASTIC-AMAZING....{sigh}....yes.  It also means he is racing again at the end of this month. He is officially hooked (CRAP)!

I love my boys to pieces.  I support any and everything that they choose to do....but I'm still their mom....and I have WORRY-ANXIETY-STRESS!  Why can't they just play checkers?

It would be difficult to point him out at start of the race (beginning of the video) but at approx. :45 seconds you can see him right after his start.  He's wearing a black jacket and comes off his start in about 3rd or 4th place.  Also at 2:49 towards the end of the video is the best glimpse of my little Desert Cross(er).  He's number 52.

p.s. If I were to ride motocross I think I would need a good motocross song to pump me up....I put one of his fav's at the start of my music playlist :)  This is the "cleanest" song I could find.