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Halloween Bunko....

Bunko was at my house this month....

Halloween Bunko is always the best!


Look at Tonya.....aka....Pimp Daddy!!! 

She of course won Best Costume of the Night (two years running).

Tonya sure knows how to bring it!!! 

Here's me (the Indian Princess as I like to be called) trying to figure out how to fit 12 girls in a picture frame.  

My house isn't the most suitable.  

But think the pics turned out just fine :)







The lyrical side of me.....

There are times when music....specifically the lyrics to a certain song maybe....that explain and define a persons existence at that moment.

Their Past, Present and more importantly their Future.

"I don't need you....anymore"..............


BTW....Today Sucked Ass...."12 Hours in Hell" will it forever be known as :(


Staying Busy....

I've tried to keep myself busy the last few weeks or so.... I'm ALWAYS doing laundry, yard work, or dealing with my stupid ace pool in the summer.  

But this year I'm trying to enjoy myself....


I went to the Women's U.S. National Soccer game.....USA vs. Canada....pure awesomeness! 

We'll see them again at the Olympics.


I went with my Mom to a Green Smoothie Girl seminar in Sandy last weekend.  

Oh how I love my Green Smoothies....



I went to dinner at Taggarts.... I've never been, always wanted to go.



Of course I couldn't miss this movie....


I had a pool party with my friendlies.....


I helped the boys with a Lemonade Stand....






Keeping my "Eyes Open"....

Everybody's waiting
Everybody's watching
Even when you're sleeping
Keep your ey-eyes open

The tricky thing
Is yesterday we were just children
Playing soldiers
Just pretending
Dreaming dreams with happy endings
In backyards, winning battles with our wooden swords
But now we've stepped into a cruel world
Where everybody stands and keeps score

Keep your eyes open

Everybody's waiting for you to breakdown
Everybody's watching to see the fallout
Even when you're sleeping, sleeping
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open

So here you are, two steps ahead and staying on guard
Every lesson forms a new scar
They never thought you'd make it this far
But turn around (turn around), oh they've surrounded you
It's a showdown (showdown) and nobody comes to save you now
But you've got something they don't
Yeah you've got something they don't
You've just gotta keep your eyes open

Everybody's waiting for you to breakdown
Everybody's watching to see the fallout
Even when you're sleeping, sleeping
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes

Keep your feet ready
Heartbeat steady
Keep your eyes open
Keep your aim locked
The night goes dark
Keep your eyes open

(Keep your eyes open [4x])

Everybody's waiting for you to breakdown
Everybody's watching to see the fallout
Even when you're sleeping, sleeping

Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open


It's not a Shake.....It's a Smoothie (wink wink)

I bought a blender.  Not just any blender mind you....  

Oh goodness.... My ORGANIC tendencies are in full bloom....

(Thanks mom for the recommendation.  BTW my planter boxes are just about finished...yay!) 


It's a Jeep thing.....

Well....I gave into conventional wisdom, maybe a little logic....but I made the decision that was right for me!!

Yesterday I said adios to my Beemer and said hello to my new Jeep.  I gave soooo much dang thought into the purchase of a new car.  I test drove several different models.  I tried to imagine myself driving each of them.  But the Car Gods were leading me toward the one vehicle they knew would ultimately make me the happiest.

Buying a new car is beyond Nerve Racking.  I'm a single woman. Trading in a used vehicle.  The opportunity to rake me over the coals in HUGE.  But I stood my ground!!  I didn't budge on my offer for the Jeep.  Not once did I hedge.  I was prepared to walk away at any moment....and they knew it.  

Honestly I got a sweet deal.  And I think it's worth it.


Also.... YES.... I went.... Along with a kabillion other people..... And saw the Hunger Games over the weekend.  I liked it.  It was ok.  Of course there were certain things that bothered me.  But hey.... It's a movie based upon a book.  Rarely if ever do they get it right.

BUT I was pleasantly surprised to see the trailer for The Host.  I actually am super excited about this movie.  In my opinion The Host is better than Twilight.

BTW..... Why hasn't Stephenie Meyer written anything new lately??







I'm not this bad....but close :)

I visited my Weber State University academic advisor yesterday.  It was exciting, a little intimidating, I felt out of place, and YES I also felt like the oldest student in the building.  I knew that I was close to graduating.  Geez I have 119 college credits....which once upon a time I earned.  In fact I technically "walked" or "graduated" with my major back in December of 1998.  I wanted to graduate with all the friends I'd met in my major, and since most of them were graduating in December instead of May....I decided to do it early.  Weber State will technically let a student walk if they have less than 15 credits left to finish their degree.  Which I did....

BUT.....  Guess what I found out after I "walked/graduated" in December of 1998?  

I found out I was pregnant with my CeCe.  And since I already had my Kelto.  I decided to be a mommy, with the hope that one day in the future I'd eventually get my degree.  I honestly made the right decision.  

SO here we are 13+ years later and momma wants her degree.  Not necessarily to get a job.  But to finish what I worked so hard to accomplish.... To finish what I started....  

(Most people do that ya know, finish what they start, but there are some, that don't get that concept, I'm just sayin)  

I started my degree in Exercise Science up at Utah State University Fall of 1993.  In fact I was close to finishing up at USU and then had to move back down to Ogden.  That threw a wrench in the mix to transfer my USU credits to WSU.  I had to find a suitable replacement degree that would fit close with my original degree at USU.  

I settled on Health Promotion.  Which seemed to work the best.  It still added more credits to me graduating, but what choice did I have?  What's interesting still is yesterday as I talked with my advisor....she mentioned that WSU offers a new degree called Human Performance that may match up better with my classes from USU than Health Promotion.....

Hmmmmm.  Honestly, as long as I graduate in something, I don't really care what it is.  

But my main point for this post is that I have to retake MATH.  Which I freaking hate!  Honestly I really, really, really do not like the subject.  I have little to no brain when it comes to it.  

I'm not as bad as the blonde above, but at times I'm close.

Also on a side note.....I'm kinda liking this car....it's one of my top three choices :)


The new Ford Focus. 






I think I have a knack....or two.

By the way Happy 2012....  New Year's this year was...well....like Christmas....bittersweet.  

Anyway if you're one of my close aquaintances, friends or maybe even family, you know I have 2 odd qualities.  

1# Once I know your birthday, I never forget.  So suffice it to say I know alot of peoples birthdays.  

2#  I always seem to read books that eventually turn into movies.  That may not sound all that cool, but hear me out.  I read these obscure books when they're VERY first released.  They're not on any "1# Best Seller" list yet. They're just books that peak my attention and I decide to read them.  Then they get popular.  Then they become movie bound.  My "book made into movie" percentage is around 80%.

I hopped on the internet tonight and laughed at what I saw.

Random post....YES....but a post none the less.


It's my birthday....and I'll cry if I want to....

 Her feelings she hides

Her dreams she can't find

She's losing her mind

She's falling behind

She can't find her place

 She's losing her faith

She's falling from grace

She's all over the place

(Lyrics from Avril Lavigne Nobodies Home) 

I haven't posted for exactly 2 months. Some of my reasoning is.....

1.  Because I needed a break.

2.  Because I've been down...sad.

3.  Because getting a divorce sucks, like really really really sucks.  Like I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

4.  Because dating after a 18 year marriage is beyond difficult.... 

I could go on and on and on but I won't.  I don't usually post anything this personal.  But today, since I'm now offically 37 years old, I honestly don't care.  

Anyway.....  Yes to all my blog readers out there (if I still have any) I'm getting a divorce (most of you knew anyway).  And I can finally say I'm HAPPY about it.... I need it to be done.  I'm super duper excited to see what the second half of my life has to offer.  I would like to thank all the amazing people that surround me.  And when I say amazing.  I truly mean that.  I've never felt more loved in my entire life.  I didn't know or realize what wonderful people were apart my life, until everything went downhill.  Also I have met so so so so many incredible people along the way as well....

Anyway I've vomitted enough about my life tonight. Maybe in the future I'll feel comfortable enough to share more...

Soooooo Happy Birthday to me because....  

-Yay it snowed!

-Yay I had a fab b-day lunch!  

-Yay I went bowling and to dinner with my Fam.  

-Yay I played an awesome game of soccer!  

-Yay I sliced my finger open (more like filleted it open) which resulted in a trip to the doc along with a tetnanus shot!  

-Yay I got the cutest purse and boots from Buckle!!!

-Yay I got a Minky Blanket!!

-Yay Yay Yay...  

Also.....I wasn't going to do family pictures this year.  I just couldn't pull myself together enough to get them done....  But at the last minute, on a 25 degree day a couple weeks ago, I managed to get the boys and myself together and have them taken.

I love my boys.  They are my life.  They are, by far and away, the best thing I've ever done....



P.S. My spell check isn't working.  blah....sorry for any typos :)


Goodbye Steve....

I grew up in a Apple family..... A strictly Apple family I might add.... My dad saw the wisdom, sophistication and pure awesomeness of the Apple name, brand and it's technology from the very beginning. 

Yes this was our first computer.... The Apple ll.  

My dad works as an STS for Davis County School District.  Which basically means he's the main "computer dude" for 3 different schools.  He knows his shiz when it comes to anything computer.  How lucky am I to have him as a dad? :) :)  

Over the years I laugh at how often my dad mentions that he can't stand anything Microsoft....anything PC.  

"The world would be such a better place Carly if everybody just owned a Mac"....

I tried MANY times during my adult years to convert over to Apple.  Well I'll say it better....I was already converted....I just wasn't able to convert "other people" that were directly around me. So hence I didn't own my first Mac until almost 4 years ago.  Geez how sad is that....?  What a glorious day that was when I drove down (with my Daddy) to buy my first Mac.  

My 17 inch MacBook Pro to be exact.  

Along with my laptop I have a desktop, owned several iphones, numerous ipods and even an ipad.  

Geez Mr. Jobs you obviously knew what you were doing.....

Goodbye Steve....thanks for everything :)


My Fall/Xterra Week....

When my boys were younger I use to dread the coming of Fall....  Because inevitably that meant that soon it would be cold outside, and they'd be cooped up all winter....inside....alone with just me.  (I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it)  

But alas I no longer have babies.  Big sigh of relief.....

Now I can't believe what I was missing out on.  Fall time in Utah is wonderful.....absolutely beautiful :)

Last week was lot's of fun.  I went on my weekly hike with my mom and Miss Layla on the Shoreline Trail.  

Also my boys and I (plus a few of our friends) competed in the Xterra Trailrun.  

Kelto and CeCe ran the 10k and did awesome.  They both placed top 3 in their age divisions.  

Bug and Camo ran the 5k with me, and they kicked butt, they both took 2nd place in their age divisions.

I just love those boys....  They continually amaze me :)

Miss Natalie, Miss H and myself ran the 5k.....and we finished....with big smiles on our faces.  

Thanks to the Bastian and Bell Family....you guys rocked it.  We loved hanging out with all you guys :)


Swimming Pools are only cool to people who don't have one.....

I've been in my house for close to 10 years now.  In the last year I've redone the boys bedrooms, re-tiled and re-painted 2 bathrooms, had my back deck repaired and a repair on my vinyl fence.......blah.

Honestly if I had the time, money and energy I'd re-due a lot more in my home.....but alas that's not gonna happen.  But I happily do my best to maintain it the best I can, and to be quite honest I think I'm doing a pretty good job :) 

Did I just type happily.....yah that's a typo.  

Anyway....I have a pool.  A big butt residential pool.  A pool that sucks all my money and life out of me.  And for what....? Only 3-4 months out of the year we use it.  

So this year I'm completely on my own in opening the pool for the summer.  Cleaning it, trying to figure out what the hell all the bells and whistles in the pool house mean.  Getting the ph, salt, chlorine right. Vacuuming, vacuuming, vacuuming......  Honestly I hate my pool.  

So last year I replaced the pool covers.  I also got a new Hot Tub Cover this year and spent a small fortune on fixing the dang thing.....but yet it stills needs more work.  uuuugggghhhhh!!  

So wouldnt you know it.....NOW the pool liner needs to be replaced.  The pool isn't even holding water. I walked out there one morning and looked at the pool, it's like someone had sucked the life out of it. A five foot drop in the water level....

So all my cleaning, vacuumning, chemical-ing, was for freaking NOT!

SO here it is June 15th....we've used the pool once....as witnessed by the youtube video below.

I ordered a new liner yesterday.  Hopefully we'll be up and running by the 4th of July......

I'm asked all the time if I ever move....if I'd put a pool in again???

NO WAY JOSE, NO, NEVER, NAH...... (ok ok ok maybe if I had a man to take care of it for me).

A Soccer Field, a 1/2 size Basketball Court, a Mini-Bike jump track, and MX track.  

Those I would do waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before a pool. Amen.....

Here's a sample pic of the new pool liner I ordered :)





He is We....Happily Ever After


Paper Airplane....

"But every silver lining....always seems to have a cloud....that comes my way"

"People come together....people go their own way....love conquers few"