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September Recap.....

Whoa whoa whoa....September has come and gone?? 

Time sure does fly when you're having fun :)

I'm finally getting back to my old self....  

One way I can tell is that I bottled salsa this year with my madre....

52 pints..  Good Times..

This pic is gonna make my dad squirm in front of his Apple lap-top....LOL....sorry Dad.  

But I just had to throw it up on my blog.  

Here's me and my Honey B at the Hurricane house, messing around with my camera :)

Camo and I love to go and support B at his softball games.... :)



Flowers from Honey B and 4evermyboys....

Geez, what a lucky girl I am!



 Oh and here's a little sneak peak from our latest family pics.....:) :) 

I can't wait to see the rest.






My life seems crazy right now.  BUT a good kind of CRAZY :)

Here is but a small sampling of our August....which doesn't include CeCe's birthday and/or Camo's Baptism.










Me and my Honey B bought ourselves new Kayaks....  SOooooo much fun.  

The fishing I can do without....everybody knows I can't catch a fish to save my life.  

Instead I took my insanely expensive camera out on the lake.  Who does that ???  



I love my new garden/planter boxes that Mr. B built for me earlier this spring.  I've never had such a well producing garden at this house....ever.

Plus my parents and I had the back breaking job a filling the residual garden with rock.  

Holy cow....between laying down black plastic....and hauling the rock from the front of the house to the garden..... It was quite a job.  





And we wait.....














The lyrical side of me.....

There are times when music....specifically the lyrics to a certain song maybe....that explain and define a persons existence at that moment.

Their Past, Present and more importantly their Future.

"I don't need you....anymore"..............


BTW....Today Sucked Ass...."12 Hours in Hell" will it forever be known as :(


Learning, Living, Believing, and Trusting....

"I am still so naive; I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please don't ask me who I am.  A passionate, fragmentary girl, maybe?" ---Sylvia Plath

"I'm starting to sing my song, right or wrong"


I was looking for a Breath of Life....

{Love this song}

{Good Stuff}


Keeping my "Eyes Open"....

Everybody's waiting
Everybody's watching
Even when you're sleeping
Keep your ey-eyes open

The tricky thing
Is yesterday we were just children
Playing soldiers
Just pretending
Dreaming dreams with happy endings
In backyards, winning battles with our wooden swords
But now we've stepped into a cruel world
Where everybody stands and keeps score

Keep your eyes open

Everybody's waiting for you to breakdown
Everybody's watching to see the fallout
Even when you're sleeping, sleeping
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open

So here you are, two steps ahead and staying on guard
Every lesson forms a new scar
They never thought you'd make it this far
But turn around (turn around), oh they've surrounded you
It's a showdown (showdown) and nobody comes to save you now
But you've got something they don't
Yeah you've got something they don't
You've just gotta keep your eyes open

Everybody's waiting for you to breakdown
Everybody's watching to see the fallout
Even when you're sleeping, sleeping
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes

Keep your feet ready
Heartbeat steady
Keep your eyes open
Keep your aim locked
The night goes dark
Keep your eyes open

(Keep your eyes open [4x])

Everybody's waiting for you to breakdown
Everybody's watching to see the fallout
Even when you're sleeping, sleeping

Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open
Keep your ey-eyes open


Easter In Hurricane 2012....

Once again I spent Easter at my Hurricane House.  This time around it was only myself and 3 of my boys.

Mr. Kelto (as usual for a teenager) spent it with his friends riding motorcycles at the other end of the state.

No big deal....  We had fun just the 4 of us.

But before we headed our separate ways.  Kelto and I decided once and for all to determine who is taller.....


(Any of my boy's being as tall or taller than me is kinda an accomplishment....just sayin)










It's a Jeep thing.....

Well....I gave into conventional wisdom, maybe a little logic....but I made the decision that was right for me!!

Yesterday I said adios to my Beemer and said hello to my new Jeep.  I gave soooo much dang thought into the purchase of a new car.  I test drove several different models.  I tried to imagine myself driving each of them.  But the Car Gods were leading me toward the one vehicle they knew would ultimately make me the happiest.

Buying a new car is beyond Nerve Racking.  I'm a single woman. Trading in a used vehicle.  The opportunity to rake me over the coals in HUGE.  But I stood my ground!!  I didn't budge on my offer for the Jeep.  Not once did I hedge.  I was prepared to walk away at any moment....and they knew it.  

Honestly I got a sweet deal.  And I think it's worth it.


Also.... YES.... I went.... Along with a kabillion other people..... And saw the Hunger Games over the weekend.  I liked it.  It was ok.  Of course there were certain things that bothered me.  But hey.... It's a movie based upon a book.  Rarely if ever do they get it right.

BUT I was pleasantly surprised to see the trailer for The Host.  I actually am super excited about this movie.  In my opinion The Host is better than Twilight.

BTW..... Why hasn't Stephenie Meyer written anything new lately??







I'm not this bad....but close :)

I visited my Weber State University academic advisor yesterday.  It was exciting, a little intimidating, I felt out of place, and YES I also felt like the oldest student in the building.  I knew that I was close to graduating.  Geez I have 119 college credits....which once upon a time I earned.  In fact I technically "walked" or "graduated" with my major back in December of 1998.  I wanted to graduate with all the friends I'd met in my major, and since most of them were graduating in December instead of May....I decided to do it early.  Weber State will technically let a student walk if they have less than 15 credits left to finish their degree.  Which I did....

BUT.....  Guess what I found out after I "walked/graduated" in December of 1998?  

I found out I was pregnant with my CeCe.  And since I already had my Kelto.  I decided to be a mommy, with the hope that one day in the future I'd eventually get my degree.  I honestly made the right decision.  

SO here we are 13+ years later and momma wants her degree.  Not necessarily to get a job.  But to finish what I worked so hard to accomplish.... To finish what I started....  

(Most people do that ya know, finish what they start, but there are some, that don't get that concept, I'm just sayin)  

I started my degree in Exercise Science up at Utah State University Fall of 1993.  In fact I was close to finishing up at USU and then had to move back down to Ogden.  That threw a wrench in the mix to transfer my USU credits to WSU.  I had to find a suitable replacement degree that would fit close with my original degree at USU.  

I settled on Health Promotion.  Which seemed to work the best.  It still added more credits to me graduating, but what choice did I have?  What's interesting still is yesterday as I talked with my advisor....she mentioned that WSU offers a new degree called Human Performance that may match up better with my classes from USU than Health Promotion.....

Hmmmmm.  Honestly, as long as I graduate in something, I don't really care what it is.  

But my main point for this post is that I have to retake MATH.  Which I freaking hate!  Honestly I really, really, really do not like the subject.  I have little to no brain when it comes to it.  

I'm not as bad as the blonde above, but at times I'm close.

Also on a side note.....I'm kinda liking this car....it's one of my top three choices :)


The new Ford Focus. 






Ostrich mode....and....Random Ramblings

I don't consider myself a true blogger anymore.  Heck I'm not even on Facebook.....  I never gave into the Twitter thing. I've kinda removed myself from the grid of Social Networking all together.  Which I think to some degree is a really good thing.  Many a friend and family are frustrated with me because I rarely answer my cell phone when they call.  I'm terrible at texting back.  Emailing is almost non-existent.  I'm officially in "ostrich mode".  Which is actually more or less a self-induced protection mode that I've set-up for myself.

But come on Carly.....  It's 2012 for hell's sake.  

But let me be clear.  I still have a computer.  I still surf the web, check out blogs.  I still read the newspaper.  I still love to get on KSL and check out the classifieds.  Youtube is still my friend.  I love my itunes, and YES I know all about Pinterest etc.

So basically what I'm trying to say is I'm O.K. people.....I promise.  Just know that this is how I handle the stress of my life sometimes.  And I'm not doing it to just one person.  I'm ignoring everyone on the whole.  

But GOOD NEWS.  I feel that I might be coming out of my hole, but just a little.

And since I haven't rambled for awhile, I suddenly feel the need.

1.  I'm learning how to golf.  Infact I think I'm going to purchase my own clubs this Spring.

2.  Cleaning out, reorganizing, and redoing rooms in my house one by one.....is beyond cathartic with a twist of regret and sadness.  

3.  I'm so excited to be going back to school!!  Less than 15-30 credits to have my Bachelors.  I'm meeting with my advisor at Weber State next week.....whoa!!

4.  Mountain Biking (to me) is a love/hate thing.....  I "USED" to be pretty good at it.....  I'm slowly forcing myself to accept the fact that it's "OK" to mountain bike again.  My Hurricane House will be visited much the next few months to do just that....mountain biking.  Heck, I have a "kick ace" bike, I might as well use it....right?  

5.  If any of you out in blogland would like your own "kick ace" bike, please visit a bike shop that I co-own....Biker's Edge in Kaysville.

6.  I'm counting down the days until I Mexico it up again.... This time in Cozumel.  

7.  My 4 boys are really starting to take a toll on their dear old mom.... In terms of food, clothing, attention, messiness, disrespect, fighting, schedules.....  Big Big Big Big sigh....

8.  I'm so looking forward to Spring.

9.  I got rid of our dog Layla last December.  I know....what a shock!! Especially coming from such a dog lover as myself. (major sarcasm alert) Poor Layla....  I just couldn't handle the amount of destruction she was causing to my back yard.  Last count it was over 500$  So I gave her to an awesome older couple who have the time and attention to give to her.  She's happier....and SO am I.  No more dogs for me. EVER....amen.

10.  I found 20 undeveloped rolls of film up in my craft room yesterday as I was cleaning and reorganizing.  My stomach dropped.  I had forgotten all about them.  I'm half wondering to not even develop them....

Those memories are long gone.  

11.  Last but not least I'm in the market for a new car.  I'm trading in my BMW.  I'm looking for....

- something more fuel efficient

- something with distinctive style

- something that's fun to zip around town in

- something that will fit me and 4evermyboys

- something that not everyone has

- something that will be good in Utah Winters

- something that will look cool with a bike rack

- something that fits my redhead personality

A Mini Cooper Countryman All 4 is my top pick thus far.  I'm still in the test driving process with many different cars.  But I'm really liking this little thing.  We'll just have to wait and see though.... If the Jeep Wrangler had better fuel mileage there would have been no question.  Everyone knows I'm a Jeep girl....  

But a Jeep just isn't practical for me right now.  






....These Times....are Hard.

But They Will Pass.....  

P.S. Check out Safetysuit's new Album ;)


It's Utah people...LOL  We grew up driving in the snow.  Or at least I did.... 

P.S. Thank-fully no one was hurt :)


Finally it decided to snow.....

First Snowfall of 2012.....tastes good!

I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of my neighbors four-wheeler.  I laid in bed wondering what on earth he was doing.  I thought to myself, "It couldn't of snowed".....  But why else would he be on his 4-wheeler, going up and down his driveway, at 7:00 in the morning??  

But alas, YES, it did snow!  My Camo came running in my room not less than 10 seconds later declaring that it was a snow day.

Geez it took long enough.....

Anyway.  I love the snow.  I was born during a horrible blizzard.  I desperately want to start using my season's up at Snowbasin, but I refuse to go until we get some real snow. (Soooo Michelle, you and me, monday morning, up at Basin, yah baby)!!

But with all the excitement of the freshly laid powder in the mountains....  I now have to contend with snow removal from my "big butt" driveway.  Big sigh.....  

But I eventually got my boys and myself outside.  Snowshovels, and our own 4-wheeler (with plow) in hand.  And took to the task of clearing my driveway.  To be honest Camo and Bug were worthless.  They shoveled for about 10 minutes, but then decided making a snow fort was way better.  Of course CeCe is in St. George for the weekend.  So it was all left to Kelto and myself....