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Engagement Pics....

I think I forgot I had a blog for awhile there....5 months to be exact.

In fact I couldn't remember my password, or even how to manage it when I tried to log in this morning. 

Christmas has came and went.  As well as vacations, birthdays, special occasions on and on.

BUT I"M BACK.... I'm not sure as to what extent.  But I'll try and catch up a little on the important events that I have missed blogging about.  

The number one event is that I'm engaged!  Yep, that's right.  Engaged to be married this July 13th, 2013.  Mr. Brayden and I will be married up at Snowbasin.  The scene of our very first date (wink wink).  We had our engagement pics taken a couple nights ago, so I thought I'd share a few.  

Thanks to my good friend and fellow photog Melissa Green for taking our engagement pics.... we love them!! 



Can I have one of these.....

Oh. My. Goodness.

Take a look at this red-headed, blue-eyed, squeashy, gorgeous little girl!

Miss K.....  


DisneyWorld, Miss Michelle, and Halloween.....

The Fam and I (minus the two older Stinky Peets) braved the elements and luckily missed Hurricane Sandy while we visited DisneyWorld last week and weekend.  Another post to come on this super fun trip :)


I decided to lift my photography embargo and do family pics for my amazing friend Michelle and her beautiful family.  I honestly love her and her kids....  Michelle and I have way too much in commom with our lives.  And rightfully so....we've become super close this last year.  Here are a couple sneak peaks of her family pics.

Meet a couple Zombies and....

Meet the Flintstones....... Fred and WILMA!!!!!!!!!

Meet the GreenMan ??? aka my little bro Tee Tee.....

Meet my Biker Chick Mom (with a FAKE cigarette FYI !!), and my "Conglomerate" Father?  

(I'm not sure what he was trying to be....many things in one??)




Easter In Hurricane 2012....

Once again I spent Easter at my Hurricane House.  This time around it was only myself and 3 of my boys.

Mr. Kelto (as usual for a teenager) spent it with his friends riding motorcycles at the other end of the state.

No big deal....  We had fun just the 4 of us.

But before we headed our separate ways.  Kelto and I decided once and for all to determine who is taller.....


(Any of my boy's being as tall or taller than me is kinda an accomplishment....just sayin)










Finally it decided to snow.....

First Snowfall of 2012.....tastes good!

I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of my neighbors four-wheeler.  I laid in bed wondering what on earth he was doing.  I thought to myself, "It couldn't of snowed".....  But why else would he be on his 4-wheeler, going up and down his driveway, at 7:00 in the morning??  

But alas, YES, it did snow!  My Camo came running in my room not less than 10 seconds later declaring that it was a snow day.

Geez it took long enough.....

Anyway.  I love the snow.  I was born during a horrible blizzard.  I desperately want to start using my season's up at Snowbasin, but I refuse to go until we get some real snow. (Soooo Michelle, you and me, monday morning, up at Basin, yah baby)!!

But with all the excitement of the freshly laid powder in the mountains....  I now have to contend with snow removal from my "big butt" driveway.  Big sigh.....  

But I eventually got my boys and myself outside.  Snowshovels, and our own 4-wheeler (with plow) in hand.  And took to the task of clearing my driveway.  To be honest Camo and Bug were worthless.  They shoveled for about 10 minutes, but then decided making a snow fort was way better.  Of course CeCe is in St. George for the weekend.  So it was all left to Kelto and myself....




SO today I journeyed on up to Ogden Valley to check out this years Xterra.... Super fun.  

And YES I got to see Mr. Lance Armstrong.  (3 different times....in fact)

An no I really didn't get a good pic of him.  Why might you asked? Cause I lost the keys to my Denali, locked myself out, with my camera inside....  Honestly who does that?  


Geez..... It's a wonder I even know who I am half the time.

Anyway, enough about me.  Here's a pic of me and Miss Natalie Marie, along with a posterior view of Mr. Armstrong.  

He's the dude bending over....

(shamelessly stolen from Nat's FB page)

BTW Does it count that Nat took these pictures with my old camera that I sold to her a few years ago?  Yah I think it does.... 

P.S. Miss Natty, Miss Natty's daughter Miss H, my CeCe , my Kelto and myself are competing in tomorrows Xterra Trail run.  Wish us luck, or at least wish me luck.  Pretty sure Kelto and CeCe could lap me if they so desired.

P.P.S.  Miss H won her own battle with cancer back when she was only 5 years old.  

Seeing Mr. Armstrong was an inspiration to her.



Good Day for a White Wedding....


Congratulations to my little bro Tee Tee (Taylor) and his beautiful wife Em (Emily).  

September weddings are hard for me.  Actually any wedding in particular, is hard for me.....

But with that being said.....  After photographing the ceremony, witnessing the love that was shared between Tee Tee and Em.....I'll admit....it gave me hope :)

(Hopefully more wedding pics to come)


Look who's getting married....

....no it's NOT me.  Geez get your mind out of the gutter....hahahahaha.

It's my little bro Taylor (Tee Tee) and his beautiful Miss Emily....

The big day is 9/10/11....

P.S. I've never shot a wedding before.  I think I'm starting to get a ulcer with just the thought.


Look who's getting baptized....

Miss S.....  

Natalie you should be a proud momma of a absolutely beautiful girl....


Happy Birthday to my Kelto....

Ok.....let me preface this post with a little FYI.....

I quite dislike the fact that I have a son that is now 15 years old.  I mean honestly....  

I'm not old enough to have a child that old, who btw is now getting facial hair! 

But apparently I am.....big sigh.

Kelto's birthday was last friday.  He didn't want a party.  Didn't care for a cake.  He just wanted dinner and a movie with the family.  SO I happily obliged. Oh Oh Oh let's not forget I checked him out of school, on his birthday, and took him and his friend Chase to lunch and shopping.  

(Yes I said shopping.....shoe shopping to be exact) :)

NOW as you all may know Kelto is my boy that absolutely hates to have his pic taken.  He thinks of any and every excuse to get out of it.  I have learned to be a little creative in my convincing as of late.

So today was his 9th grade Lagoon day.  He and 2 of his friends needed a ride.  I of course needed a pic.  We compromised.  

Sadly the lighting was terrible, it was raining, Kelto doesn't like to smile, plus he limited my shot count to 20.  

I took what I could get.....this was the best out of the bunch.


 I hate to admit but his birthday is by far the hardest day to deal with out of the 4 boys.  May 20th, 1996 was the day my little family truly began.  It's very difficult to look back on that day.  My how circumstances and people have changed since then.....  

 Celebrating his birthday every year is bittersweet....in so many ways. 

Nonetheless.....I love this kid....he deserves nothing but the best.  

Just ask him what he got....from my parents and I....

A Apple iPad.....yah....I don't even have one....geez.

Spoiled is the only word that comes to mind. 

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Kelto....:)




Easter in Hurricane....

Whoa.  It's a minor miracle. No Youtube music video.  Just an Easter Photo Extravaganza.  Nice.  




My boys a year ago....last April.  

I need to lay the "I'm taking your picture this weekend no matter what you say" hammer down.

Wish me luck :)


Pics, hair and an age limit....

 Mr. Jon Williams....a.k.a Jon the Photographer asked me again to model for one of his classes.  

This time it was for his Environmental Portraiture Class which was held last Saturday. 

I'm starting to wonder if there is an age limit to be a model for Jon.  I think I've just about hit the limit.  

Especially because the other 3 people he asked to model were 22 and under....yah....I'm waaaaay over 22.  I barely even remember being that age to begin with.  

Oh well.....I kinda look mad in the pic Jon took of me below.  I really felt horrible that day.  The week prior had been emotionally and physically draining on me as well.....  

Thanks to Miss Natalie for curling and styling my hair.  I wouldn't have gone that day if it was not for you and your magic hair doing hands.  I wish you'd do my hair every morning.  

I hate hair.  I hate doing it.  If I could wear a hat everyday you know I'd do it in a heartbeat....

Jon you put the wrong date on this pic....  Thank goodness it's March.  I wouldn't go back to last January for anything..... 



I have a "Hurricane House"....meaning.....I have a house in Hurricane, Utah.  

A quaint little town quite close to St. George.  

You can call it the "St. George House" if you'd like....I sometimes do.

I gave it....my "Hurricane House"....a little 3 day visit this last weekend.  The weather was PERFECT!!!  

I took this picture while hiking 10 miles (by accident) on the Hurricane Canal Trail.





Finally a new post....

I feel bad :(  I just can't seem to find the time to post on my blog the last couple months or so.....  

To my defense I've been sick.  Like "I'm on my second round of antibiotics" sick....  It started out as a sinus infection, and now it's moved to my lungs and both of my ears are full of fluid.  I just got a prescription today for some funky inhaler thing and some killer cough medicine.  Can anyone say Codeine......?

I can't hear out of both of my ears, I can't stop coughing/hacking, and I feel and look like a piece of shish kabob.

BUT tonight I lay in my bed.  Like good old times.  Pondering my so-called-life.....  Thinking to myself..."What was I doing 3 months ago"....  Most likely I was laying in my bed, pondering my so-called life, and trying to think of something to blog about.....

So to satisfy my need for the "good ole times"....I decided to share a little post with you all :)

Funny how things can change so quickly.  Back then, I was very accustomed to the lonely monotony of my life....  

Anyway here are a few pics from my latest Photography Expedition.....which I went on the end of December LOL!!

The pic below, taken by "Jon the Photographer", makes me laugh LOL!  I think he thinks I know how to model or something.  I really am just trying not to burst out into laughter when he tells me to pose, look serious etc.

 Can't you see the small smirk that I have?

Jon has also "unofficially" made me into a Nikon spokesperson.  Which I actually have no problem with.  Just read my little endorsement below.....funny how I don't remember being so well written.  Wheres all my .......?