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My life seems crazy right now.  BUT a good kind of CRAZY :)

Here is but a small sampling of our August....which doesn't include CeCe's birthday and/or Camo's Baptism.










Me and my Honey B bought ourselves new Kayaks....  SOooooo much fun.  

The fishing I can do without....everybody knows I can't catch a fish to save my life.  

Instead I took my insanely expensive camera out on the lake.  Who does that ???  



I love my new garden/planter boxes that Mr. B built for me earlier this spring.  I've never had such a well producing garden at this house....ever.

Plus my parents and I had the back breaking job a filling the residual garden with rock.  

Holy cow....between laying down black plastic....and hauling the rock from the front of the house to the garden..... It was quite a job.  





It's a Goalie Thing....

Bugman and I dig Hope Solo.... 

Watching the USA Women's Soccer Team play, is my favorite thing about this years Olympics.

If only I could play goalie like Hope....in my mind I do....but my 37 year old body completely disagrees ;) Blah.


Also..... In less than 2 weeks this handsome, sweet, funny, silly and perfectly perfect kid is getting baptized.  

Man I love him......



La Roca Pioneer Cup 2012

My CeCe's U13 Boys Soccer team took this years Pioneer Cup Championship.... YAY!!!

This tourney was also CeCe's debut back into the soccer world after his MX accident barely 8 weeks ago.  He did great, even starting every game.  Maybe a little out of shape, but overall I was super proud of my boy.

Also my Camo's La Roca team competed.... Playing up a year even.  

Cam did awesome!!  In fact one game he had a "Hat Trick".... Good Job Buddy!

I was lucky enough to get a pic of 1 of his 3 goals that particular game :)






Staying Busy....

I've tried to keep myself busy the last few weeks or so.... I'm ALWAYS doing laundry, yard work, or dealing with my stupid ace pool in the summer.  

But this year I'm trying to enjoy myself....


I went to the Women's U.S. National Soccer game.....USA vs. Canada....pure awesomeness! 

We'll see them again at the Olympics.


I went with my Mom to a Green Smoothie Girl seminar in Sandy last weekend.  

Oh how I love my Green Smoothies....



I went to dinner at Taggarts.... I've never been, always wanted to go.



Of course I couldn't miss this movie....


I had a pool party with my friendlies.....


I helped the boys with a Lemonade Stand....






Franklin, Schwarzeneggar, Lennon, Mtn. Biking and Soccer.....

Last week in my Buggy's PAL class he had the assignment to pick a prominent historical figure in our country's history....  Once chosen he was to prepare not only a written and oral report on that figure, but to then dress up like the historical figure, and physically become that person, at a "Night at the Museum" which would be held at his elementary school.....

Buggy chose Mr. Benjamin Franklin (shocker).....no not really.

We went all out and rented a costume from the Hale Theatre in SLC.


Buggy was one heck of a Benjamin Franklin.  

Man I love that kid.

Also over the weekend I took CeCe and Bug to Vegas for yet another soccer tourney....  While there we visited Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and low and behold they had a figure of Mr. Benjamin Franklin.


Also while down south the boys and I took in a little Mtn. Biking.  I'm trying to regain my old Mtn. Biking self.... I pretty much suck compared to my boys.  Buy hey at least I'm out there giving it a go :)


Sparta Cup....

-Wankes Soccer Team Played in this years Sparta Cup.

-Tourney Started Wednesday.

-They tied first game 0-0.

-No game on Thursday....we made Banana Bread....and I did the absolute "unthinkable".

-Two games Friday....they won both.

-Saturday morning early game (we left at 6:00 a.m.)....uuuuggghhhh.

-Good thing they won.

-Championship Game Saturday at 2:30.

-It was a Nail Biter.

-Double Overtime....with Penalty Kicks.

-I could barely stand to watch.

-But Tiffiny was there....that made me HAPPY!!!

-But they WON!!!!

-I brought my camera, but my battery was dead.

-Crappy cell phone pics.

-Congrats to La Roca.

-We went to Red Mango after....my fav :)





We are the Champions....La Roca Pioneer Cup

My CeCe (and his team) won this years La Roca Pioneer Cup (3 years running)!!! His team has come a long way. We have some fresh new faces that have joined the team....which have made a huge difference.  It's a huge plus for me (personally) because I've been reunited with an awesome friend....

(wink ;) wink missed you Cathy).

Anyway CeCe played injured this tourney.  He actually sat out a game or two.  I've never known him to sit out an entire game.  He pulled/injured his left quad muscle (his kicking leg).  Luckily enough he gutted it out and played in the final game today.  He even started in the double overtime.......uuuggghhh.....that was intense.  But the boys pulled it off....1-0....to win the Championship.

You'd think CeCe would look more happy in the pics below....but alas he's not.  He is the emotional one out of the four.  I asked him why he was so down....no good reason was given.  I think he felt bad that he couldn't have played more and that he was injured.  Plus his leg was bothering him....I think more that I realized.  Poor little guy :(  

Anyway we are excited for the Real game tonight, Fireworks to follow....GOOD TIMES !!





Ok....as you all know my boys and I are Soccer Fanatics....

At times I wish that we could have even 1 weeks reprieve from the never ending practices, training, games, tournaments on and on and on.....  BUT honestly it's WORLD CUP time!  How can any red blooded American not love the game of Soccer right now?  So to get you all excited about the World Cup I've posted an awesome little video below.  It's a compilation of USA soccer fans around the country (and world) and their reaction to Landon Donovan's game winning goal at the tail end of USA's last game.  

I wish (in hind sight) that I'd recorded myself and my 4 boys reaction when the goal was scored....honestly it would have been news worthy!!  But yet I didn't.  Maybe that's a good thing.  My reaction alone would warrant it's own little youtube video.  

I also want to give a shout out to my Bug Man.  His SWAT team is competing in this years Rampage tourney.  They made it to the Championship game being played tomorrow morning.  I'm so dang proud of my little Keeper Man.  It's amazing to me how good he is at playing goal keeper.  He kinda thrives on it (sounds like his mama).  Good Luck to USA and SWAT tommorrow.  I'm ready and waiting to make a complete and utter fool out of myself!!


 (reminder to pause my music playlist)

My Bug Man and his Mad Goalie Skills....



P.S. Just a little update....I played on my women's soccer team the other night.  I was uncharacteristically nervous....I was a little off my game (since the big "eye incident")....it was in fact my first game back since....but we won....I played keeper....and my team rocked it!!


Viva La Soccer....

Ok....I need to satisfy the tons of wonderful well-wishers and concerned friends and family everywhere.  As you all know I play soccer.  It's great for frustration elimination.  Which of course "as of late" is exactly what I need.  Sometimes I lay in bed and wonder why must I have all this FRUSTRATION.  But I then say to myself...."it's called life"...."it could be worst"...."quit feeling sorry for yourself"....on and on and on.

Anyway I'm getting off track a bit here.  So as I mentioned in my last post I was nailed in my left eye playing soccer last week.  I knew instantly something was wrong.  I knew enough that I was done with the game and headed home.  I also knew that the night was still young and I was soon to have a date with an Eye Doctor.  

My concern was that I had a detached Retina.  Turns out "no" detached retina.  Just some damage to the back of my eye and swelling in the front.  The Eye Doc says that the worst of the damage is confined to small area in and around my photo receptors.  HOPEFULLY as my eye heals my vision will return to normal.  So far so good.  I do have a shawdowy area of my vision that is still present....but I'm optimistic.  And NO I don't have a black eye.  In fact my eye looks perfectly normal....only a small bruise on my upper eyelid.  I thought for sure I'd be sporting a shiner.  Dang it all....I could've made up one awesome girl fight story.  Which of course would be completely plausible concerning me....

SO listen....I'm NOT....I repeat....I'm NOT going to quit soccer.  I realize I've broken the same finger twice.  Yes, Yes I've had my ankles taken out from under me (several times)....causing ankle issues etc. But those are all part of the game.  I've had several people politely tell me to "hang up my cleats".

Listen I love you all.  I truly do.  But have trust in me that I will take care of myself.  

The funny thing is that I have never played outdoor coed soccer.  I'm strictly indoor.  I love my 2 coed teams and my women's team!  BUT for some reason I've never played outdoor.  I've heard that it's completely different than indoor.  But how would I know....I've had a whopping 10 seconds of outdoor play :)

As I drove down to that now infamous game last week I had a horrible feeling.  I was completely and utterly nervous to play.  Which (as you know) is not like me at all.  I even called a couple of my friends on the way down to lay my worries upon.  I had two of my boys with me.  I professed my concerns to them as well.

To make a long story short....it turns out I had reason to worry :(  Later on one of my friends said "Ya know Car what that uneasy feeling was, right"?  

I'm not going to get religious....because I'm just not.  BUT yes I know exactly what that uneasy feeling was.

I've come to the conclusion that I must be completely oblivious to that "feeling" because in the past and present I've asked, begged, cried, prayed, pleaded for that feeling.  Apparently I have the inability to either HEAR and/or LISTEN.  Sadly this so called defect has hardened me....

SOoooo anyway....I'm going to get some fancy Soccer Protective Eyewear.  Even if I look like a goof, I'll wear them until I feel like my eye is as good as new.

I hope this little synopsis will ease any and all concerns....

BTW I just love watching the WORLD CUP....GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!  USA had better get a win today :)


2009 Turkey Shoot....

My CeCe's soccer team did great in this years Turkey Shoot Tourney which was held in Las Vegas.  It's always fun to play some soccer under the lights....in the rain....with gale force winds :)  Good Times....