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DisneyWorld 2012....

(*Note* This is my first ever attempt at video editing.... Lol It was kinda a pain.  But I'll totally try it again in the future.  Also I need to clarify...YES...Bug does have his own bed.  CeCe just kicks him out of it sometimes.  CeCe prefers to sleep with his brothers, rather than in his own bed, in his own room.  Go Figure....)

WE woke up Camo and Bug Wednesday morning (October 24th) with a surprise trip to DisneyWorld!!!!

We have been planning this trip for a over month.  

It was kept under Top Secret....until the morning we left for the airport.  

We couldn't wait to wake them up and see their reaction :) :)

 (Here's the obligatory kiss pic ...get used to it)

(Always Miss Competitive.....but I did BEAT him this particular ride)




Oh my goodness..... We had soooooo much fun!  Luckily enough we missed Hurricane Sandy.  

Florida was fortunate enough to get passed by.  

My prayers go out to all the people in the northeast that have been devastated by that storm :( :(

Anyway..... Lots of rides, lots of walking, and a whole lot of FUN :)




DisneyWorld, Miss Michelle, and Halloween.....

The Fam and I (minus the two older Stinky Peets) braved the elements and luckily missed Hurricane Sandy while we visited DisneyWorld last week and weekend.  Another post to come on this super fun trip :)


I decided to lift my photography embargo and do family pics for my amazing friend Michelle and her beautiful family.  I honestly love her and her kids....  Michelle and I have way too much in commom with our lives.  And rightfully so....we've become super close this last year.  Here are a couple sneak peaks of her family pics.

Meet a couple Zombies and....

Meet the Flintstones....... Fred and WILMA!!!!!!!!!

Meet the GreenMan ??? aka my little bro Tee Tee.....

Meet my Biker Chick Mom (with a FAKE cigarette FYI !!), and my "Conglomerate" Father?  

(I'm not sure what he was trying to be....many things in one??)




Swinging Away in Mexico....

Still haven't gotten everyone elses pics from Mexico....

Probably won't happen anytime soon.....getting the other pics that is. 

SO now I'm just throwing random pics up.  

Like this one of me and Kel on a Mexican Swing Set.....



Surf, Sand, Me, Kelli....and her webbies :)



I love my friends....

Did I mention I love my friends.... like alot....

I'm still waiting to get copies of everyones Cancun pics....I stole this one off Kelli's FB.

Just so you know, those helmets we were wearing, smelled like a#s....literally.  

I shouldn't have expected anything different. 

We were in the Mexican Jungle....;)


Cancun, Mexico....

Here's a few quick pics of my vacay to Cancun, Mexico.....

The pic directly below is at Chichen Itza aka "Chicken Pizza".

I absolutely loved this field trip we went on.....learned all about these Ancient Mayan Ruins.  

December 21, 2012.....??????

Man O' Man did I wish I'd brought my camera....other than my point and shoot :(

Oh well....hopefully I'll post more Cancun pics soon.....


Yellowstone....part 2

I've decided I really, really, really WANT (not need), but WANT a new lens.  A 70-200 mm Vr 2.8 telephoto Nikor lens to be exact. 

Plus if NIKON would ever replace the D700 with an updated model....I would be a happy girl as well.

So basically what I'm saying is....New Lens....New Camera....Me Want....Happy Girl!

I say all of this because....I like my life....I would rather not be this close....to a Wild Buffalo.....

....I was 10 feet away!  

A telephoto lens would have helped in this regard....I'm just saying :)



Yellowstone....field trip 6#

I'm still behind on all my field trip posts.  I have yet to post about #4 and #5.....

I promise I'll eventually catch up. 

This particular post covers field trip #6....which doesn't really confine itself to the "field trip" definition....

....but who really cares right ?

Yellowstone....  I haven't been since I was a little girl.  

I decided it was time to have my boys make their first Yellowstone memories....




So take a chance and don't ever look back....

I hope everyone has a safe, wonderful and fulfilling Labor Day Weekend....

I'm gonna give it a try....with me and 4evermyboys....of course :)